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Feedback for Cecil

Nov 20, 2011

    1. It appears important to open this personal thread so here it is ! In case I had transactions with you, leave your feedbacks here.

      Thanks ;)
    2. Cecil bidded for my IOS Jaguar Head and won the auction.
      Communication was good and payment was sent almost immediately!
      Plus she informed me once she received the head, a recommend buyer/bidder!
    3. I sold Soom Ender to Cecil on layaway, she paid when said she would and finished the layaway early too!!
      The transaction was perfect and Cecil is lovely to deal with :)

      I would gladly transact with cecil anytime and highly reccommend her 110% to everyone!!!

      Hugest thanks!!!
    4. Perfect, easy transaction! I just sold a Dollshe FP to Cecil and she was great to deal with.
      I'd happily do business with her again anytime.
      :clover Thank you :clover
    5. I sold Soom Hyperon to Cecil, and it was a perfect transaction! The communication was great, all the payments were made in time. I will be happy to deal with her again :).

      Thank you!
    6. Cecil purchased my Soom Monzo and everything went perfect! She paid exactly when she said and was very patient with me.

      Thank you very much for everything! ^o^
    7. Cecil bought a SOOM IO lion mask from me.It was a very smooth transaction with great communication and she let me know when the item arrived. Highly recommend! :)
    8. Cecil bought a IOS Chaos head from me; she was great with communication and paid super fast. Just all around lovely to deal with. :)
    9. Cecil bought conqunia`s skull and horns from me and it takes almost 2 months after the parcel arrived. We are keeping during the shipping, and Cecil informed me the first time when the parcel arrived. Very good buyer! I`m so happy to sell to her. Well recommonded!:)
    10. Cecil bought a Soom Head form me. She was very friendly, easy to work with, and made a fast payment. I would for sure sell to her again. Thanks so much dear!
    11. Cecil bought a SOOM Idealian Hyperon outfit from me. Excellent buyer who makes payment on stated date via layaway and replies to PMs promptly. She is also really friendly & very understanding with me when I delayed the shipment slightly due to my work/school schedule. An excellent buyer that I would recommend! =Db Thanks for the purchase!
    12. Cecil bought a Delf Nanuri 06 head from me and everything was excellent! She paid quickly and her communication was prompt and polite. I would definitely do business with her again! :aheartbea
    13. I sold Soom Bazael to Cecil and also made a custom faceup for the doll :3
      She was a lovely person to deal with, communication was friendly and it was easy to discuss all the details concerning the transaction, such as the layaway plan. Cecil sent each of the payments promptly and even earlier than she said she could. She also let me know once the package had arrived.

      I couldn't be happier with this transaction! I absolutely recommend Cecil as a buyer and wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again. Thank you very much again, I hope you'll enjoy your time with the new doll! <3
    14. I sold my Dollshe Hound to Cecil. The communication was great, she replies to PMs very fast and she paid in time.

      Great transaction and excellent buyer.
    15. Cecil purchased a WS Soom Phonolus Fantasy Ear head from me with a layaway agreement, and everything went better than perfectly! Prompt and friendly communication throughout and once the head was received, layaway was even payed off significantly earlier than agreed. Wonderful buyer, thank you so much!
    16. Cecil bought an IOS "G" head from me. She was lightning fast with her payment and super friendly and generally all round just awesome. She let me know when the head arrived (which was surprisingly fast for registered airmail :o). Would love to deal with her again!

      Thanks so much for this great transaction :)
    17. Cecil purchased a Soom Obsidius head from me and the transaction was a pleasure in every way. I would happily do more transactions with her in the future. Also, very nice communications!

      Thank you, Cecil!

    18. Cecil purchased the Dollshe Bernard faceplate from me. Good communication and fast payment. Thank you very much for purchase, i will happy to have the business with you in the future!
    19. I sold Cecil a MNM Seifer head, and just as before, her payment was extremely fast and her PM's were friendly :)

      I would be more than happy to do business with her again!
    20. Cecil bought a modded Iplehouse Akando from me. They were very friendly and pleasant to deal with. Payment was sent promptly. Overall a wonderful buyer!