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feedback for celyne22

Sep 17, 2006

    1. Please if you had a transaction with me, leave feedback
      Thank you so much :)
    2. Bought some items from my sales thread and paid fast! thanks for a great transaction!!
    3. I sold a doll to her without any problems and she paid promptly. ^_^
    4. Purchased a wig from me, and was very friendly and paid expediantly. It was a very good transaction. ^^
    5. I sold a doll to her and she payed fast and all went great. Thankies! :D
    6. She bought one of my "My Pie" outfits. She paid very quickly and was a pleasure to do business with.
    7. Celyne bought an outfit from me .Very nice person, super fast at paying.Thank you very much:)
    8. Sold to celyne22. Received fast payment with no problems. Excellent customer to deal with. Thanks.
    9. I had a great selling transaction! Celyne22 paid quickly and I was happy to see an item mailed to France made it safely and quickly there.
    10. celyne22 is a great buyer :D
      She payed fast and was very nice to talk to :)
    11. All the above feedback is for Sellers. I am a buyer I bought a Sist 1.5 head plate. She said she would ship it a while ago and after contacting her said she would ship it on Monday and give me a tracking number. However its now Thursday and I haven't heard from you with a tracking number.

      Please update me as I am getting concerned. I know you just had a baby so I am being patient however I will loose my makeup artist spot if you don't ship Very soon!

      If you cant' ship the head then please refund the paypal money. thank you.
      This is pretty much what I dread no communication :(
    12. I know celyne22, she has phone me yesterday to explain me what it happens to her.

      Someone has stollen celyne22's DoA account!!!!

      If you have send any money, open a litige on paypal! Aya (DoA member) wrote to me that she has send the money to nounours22@hotmail.fr and it's not celyne22's paypal adress!!!
    13. This explains a lot! I "purchased" a T.Too from that paypal address. Thank you Esthy&Lulla for the update, it's a large relief to realize what was happening.