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Feedback for Cerine

Sep 2, 2006

    1. I couldn't find a feedback thread for Cerine so I thought I'd make one :celebrate Please post if you'd had transactions with Cerine!

      I myself have bought a doll, and sold one to her. She also participated in my group order for Dollmore. Cerine always keeps wonderful communication and ships and pays very promptly. She really is overall wonderful to deal with. :daisy
    2. My transaction with Cerine was prompt and a pleasure. Her payment was instantaneous through PayPal, and communication was friendly and easy. I highly recommend working with her and trusting her throughout the transaction.
    3. Cerine purchased a some clothing items from me. Though it was some time ago, I remember distinctly how polite she was in her messages and how smooth the transaction. She even PMed me to let me know that her package safe and whole.
    4. Cerine pre-ordered a doll from Volks for me, very friendly and packaged and shipped the doll wonderfully! The PM's were prompt too, highly recommended :D

      <3 xxx
    5. I purchased a doll through the lovely Cerine, and she was helpful and kind throughout the whole process! WONDERFUL seller. ^^
    6. I bought an outfit that I posted a WTB for from Cerine. She was very upfront about when she'd ship, and when I opened my box, I found the cutest-est little illustration inside which totally made my evening! I'm delighted by how quickly the package got to me, too (FL to MA), maybe that's the PO's doing, but I'll let Cer take the credit. :) Thank you so much!
    7. I just bought a Williams head from Cerine. A perfect transaction from start to finish! Very friendly, lots of communication. Thanks! :)
    8. *GASP!!* I didnt leave feedback for the WONDERFUL Cerine?! D: Bad me!!
      I bought a STUNNING F-31 from her a bit back, and he never leaves my sight X3... so much so he has commaned my other dolls be ignored XD <3
      I payed thru layaway with her and it was wonderful!!! she even drew a consept picture of my little guy!!!
      ;) yes if this was ebay i would run out of A's and +'s!!!! <3 thank you again hun!!
    9. I bought an outfit and a wig from Cerine, and I can't be happier with this transaction. She replied all my pms promptly, provided everything I requested, and kept me updated throughout the process. The items arrived to me fast, all being wrapped very well. I highly recommend Cerine as a seller! Thank you again~
    10. I purchased a Volks wig from Cerine and I could not be happier! Super friendly, quick responses to my messages. The wig was nicely packaged and quickly arrived to me. And the wig itself is just gorgeous! A wonderful transaction all around and definately a recommended seller :)
    11. Miss Cerine sold me a lovely volks wig and Im Extremely Happy!!! My liz looks so Sweet in her new wig! Her communication is A+++ I recommend her to anyone who wants Grate customer service!!!:kitty2
    12. I bought a head from her.

      She's a good seller.

      Package arrived quickly and safely,will to trade with her again!

      Highly recommended!