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Feedback for ChanaJanaki~

Oct 5, 2010

    1. I did a search for a feedback thread for this member that turned up nothing so decided to start one up for them. If you have done business with ChanaJanaki, please leave your feedback for them in this thread. :)



      ChanaJanaki participated in the pre-order version of my fourteenth Leekeworld group order and was lovely to work with. Communication was consistently well kept and payments were sent in quickly. They were great and things were smooth and I'd be willing to deal with them again assuredly. ^^~

      ♥][ Thank you for your participation in one of my group orders!!
      Hopefully your experience was a pleasant one! ][♥ ​
    2. I hosted a Realpuki winter swap that ChanaJanaki participated in. She was also my swap partner.

      Positive: She mailed her gift ahead of schedule and sent some wonderful hand knit items. I was very pleased with what she sent. I would allow her to join any future swaps I host.

      Negative: She didn't follow the rules of the swap. I asked that everyone PM me when the mailed the gift so that I could update the thread and to send me the bill number from the PO receipt. She did neither.
    3. I commissioned ChanaJanaki to make a knitted cap for my Realpuki.

      I was delighted with the cap! It's really cute and even had a little bell on the end.

      I recommend her to everyone!