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Feedback for chaobubbles

Mar 8, 2007

    1. I thought I'd create a feedback thread for chaobubbles since there doesn't seem to be one.

      She bought my Dollmore Momo head from me, it was a very smooth transaction, payment was fast and it has been very pleasent. I reccomend dealing with Chaobubbles!
    2. Chaosbubbles bought a DZ Ami from me. She was courteous, prompt with payments, and absolute delight. I'd recommend her for a fast, easy transaction!
    3. chaobubbles participated in a Luts group order I ran and was wonderful to deal with and paid all invoices very promptly. ^^
    4. I bought a very adorable LUTS Sailor Outift from Chaobubbles. She was very nice and replied fast! Shipping was fantastic :D
    5. Chaobubbles commissioned me for a face-up, and she was very sweet and wonderful to work with! Thank you!
    6. I bought a dollzone Ami from Chaobubbles, she tried to respond as quickly as she could and although the shipping time was a little delayed I still have her now, POSITIVE
    7. Chaobubbles joined one of my Dollmore group orders and everything was perfect ^^

      Lovely participant, fast payment, excellent communication ;)

      Thank you so much! A real pleasure working with you <3