Feedback for Charliesneeze

Sep 1, 2016

    1. Since I'm purchasing something on here, I think I should start a feedback thread! Please post feedback on any and all transactions that we are involved in!
      Thank you!
    2. Charliesneeze bought a Peakswoods Rosemii from me on layaway. He was super friendly and communication was excellent. Payments were paid well before the set date and he even finished the layaway early. It was a wonderful transaction from start to finish, thank you!
    3. I recently completed a commission for charliesneeze by painting her doll. He was nice with communication and fast with payment. It's been a pleasure doing business with him :D
    4. I purchased a Dollzone MSD Scarecrow Hal from charliesneeze. He was wonderful to talk to, and always replied quickly! Shipping was fast, and the doll arrived in no time with some extras as well XD Thank you so much for the effortless transaction; I would love to work with you again :D
    5. Charliesneeze participated in my Crobidoll GO. Great communication, super friendly, and paid invoices promptly. Thank you again so much for joining!
    6. Charliesneeze also participated in my Crobidoll group order, and like Mushi, I found Charliesneeze extremely easy and enjoyable to work with. Their responses, payment, and package arrival notification arrived quickly, and they kept the order form neat and easy to read. I would love to have them join me again in the future!
    7. Charliesneeze bought my MiniFee Ryeon and was a fantastic person to work with! He was very patient with me even though I had a small delay in mailing the package, paid promptly, and had great communication overall. Thanks so much and enjoy the Ryeon :3!
    8. Charliesneeze purchased a Crobidoll wig from me. He was friendly to communicate with and quick to pay. Would be happy to transact with him again.
    9. I painted faceups for Charliesneeze. Very positive feedback and friendly communication! Highly recommended! :3nodding:
    10. I bought a pair of brand new Dikadoll ns jointed hands from Charliesneeze as the resin didn't match their own doll. Communication was brilliant, the hands were well packaged and shipped super quick in their original Dikadoll box. They arrived so quickly I'm very pleased with how they look on my doll! I had a very positive experience buying from Charliesneeze and wouldn't hesitate to recommend! :whee:

      Thank you!!