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Feedback for Charon

Apr 13, 2007

    1. Guess it's time I started one of these for myself!

      If you have bought from, or commissioned me for clothing, or, If I have purchased items from you; I would really appreciate you posting feedback here.

      Many thanks in advance!
    2. Over the past several weeks, charon has been working on a wardrobe of suits for my newest arrival. He's been nothing but wonderful, quick to respond with suggestions and photos, and even worked with me to get *just* the right fabric for a special costume. I received two of my suits this week and they're simply gorgeous; photos don't do them justice. :love

      If you need a great-looking suit at a fantastic price, charon is definitely the person to contact. :aheartbea
    3. I have several items made by Brian and can't say enough about the quality, fit and look of them.

      Feel very secure dealing with Brian in the marketplace, you will not be disappointed!
    4. Brian made a suit for my Unidoll Jace that is wonderful! The tailoring, fabric, and fit are perfect and the price was fantastic. Brian was in contact with me throughout the process and delivered a great suit in a very short time. I'm sure I will be commissioning more suits from him in the future.

      Brian is excellent to deal with. You can feel comfortable buying from Brian!
    5. Brian (Charon) has become one of my best BJD friends over the past few years. He's the nicest guy, and his sewing is top-notch! I bought his "Mozart" Hound-sized outfit off eBay around the end of last year and he was more than happy to hold it for me during my long move and travel back to the US until I could send him our new address then he promptly sent the outfit to me. I love it and will post a link to pics once I get a chance to do the photo shoot. I definitely plan to commission/buy more clothing from him in the future!
    6. Brian (Charon) makes beautiful clothes. his long experience making theatrical costumes is now devoted to creating flawless designs for our dolls. I highly recommend his work. I bought a Nehru suit from him off Ebay. Perfection. Plus, fast shipping and friendly service. :D
    7. Brian made a regency outfit for my DZ Ying (Bryon), and it is a beautiful work of art. The details and finishing on this suit are are perfection. Brian is very easy to work with and I would not hesitate to contact him the next time I need a custom piece.
    8. brian is one of the nicest people i have dealt with in this hobby and he is incredibly talented. the suit he made for my bermann is the best thing that has ever happened to him literally. thank you!!
    9. Charon recently completed a custom outfit for my Jareth custom, and saying it is beautiful is an understatement. The outfit is perfect, and Charon is a master of his craft. This is the second outfit that I have commissioned---a happy customer is a return customer:)
    10. I just received the amazing suit I commissioned from Brian!

      You can see it here

      Brian is a master tailor, and is able to take a vision, and create something even more beautiful than you might imagine!

      I am wowed at this suit, thank you SOOO much Brian for this incredible work of art, and your wonderul friendship!
    11. I commissioned Charon to make my Unidoll/Minimee guy a costume. He is a great person to work with, very helpful and friendly, and very concerned that he gets the details and fabrics right. The costume itself is amazing! Exactly what I wanted.
      I can highly recommend Brian and his work, infact I have another idea brewing.;)
    12. Recently bought a purple "zoot suit" from Brian off of eBay. Fast shipping, smooth transaction, great quality, it always a pleasure doing business with him! :)
    13. Charon made me a custom requested outfit for my vampire boy based on the film Becoming Jane. I am very happy with the results! I was very picky and precise about the overcoat and charon worked with me on it and produced a gorgeous alteration of the one in the movie that would work well for my 69cm boy doll.

      I'm very happy and Thank you charon for your patience and wonderful production!

      Here is Kane on the left (outfit by charon) with his friend Johnny Depp.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    14. i bought some iplehouse cloths from brian, and everything went perfectly. great communication, the cloths were very well packaged and shipped quickly. i would definitely buy from him again. thank you!!!