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Feedback for Chaye

Oct 16, 2011

    1. This will probably be very small for now. :3
    2. Chaye participated in a Leekeworld GO i recently hosted. she posted payment on time and was very friendly in our communications. thanks again for joining my first GO!
    3. Chaye purchased a MNF body from me, and I couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction. She made payments on time and kept in touch. Thanks so much!
    4. Chaye was a part of my Dollmore group order, and Was AMAZING to work with! Paid on time (early in fact!) and was really organized with her order submission! She even picked up her order the same day, lessing the work load just a little bit for me, which I really appreciated!

      I also did a trade with her about a month or so prior to her participation in my go, and it was EXTRMELY excellent as well! :3
    5. Chaye has purchased a Volks Okita II costume from me using layaway and the whole transaction has been more than pleasant: communication has been fast and friendly and the payments have been fulfilled in the scheduled time. In conlusion, I gladly recommed her and I'd love to deal with her again!

      Thank you!
    6. I joined Chaye's TATA's GO and am very pleased with the whole transaction. She is super friendly and very organized. She kept us updated regularly and even dropped off my order in person.
      Overall a wonderful Group Order Host and I will for sure be ordering with her again in the future! Thanks! :)
    7. I joined Chaye's Tata GO and I am overall very pleased with the transaction. She is friendly, organized, and kept us updated regularly.

      Thank you so much~!
    8. I participated in a Tata GO hosted by Chaye. Everything went smoothly and I got my items quickly once they reached her hands. Very happy. Thanks.
    9. First time participating in a G.O and it was a Tata G.O hosted by the wonder Chaye! With super prompt responses and updates regarding delays, plus photos of the items once she got them in her hands-- everything went just the way a good transaction should be! :aheartbea

      Highly recommended! A+++++
    10. I was an international participant in Chaye's TATA's Paradise GO and couldn't be happier with how it was run! ^_^ My items arrived safely and were well-packaged and Chaye made sure some of the more fragile items didn't get damaged. Once she received the package from TATA, she even sent me a pic of all the stuff I've ordered. It made me even more excited about the GO. She was very friendly and helpful and I'll definitely join more of her GOs in the future! Thank You! :D
    11. I also was in Chaye's recent Tata's order--great experience. Good communication, fast shipping and overall wonderful order co-coordinator. I would definitely participate in another one.
    12. I joined Chaye's Luts GO in order to purchase a wig. Everything was very organized and she did a great job of keeping us updated! Thank you very much for organizing the GO! ;v;
    13. I recently joined a Luts GO hosted by Chaye. Everything went smoothly! She was great about keeping me updated, so communication was great. She was also pretty quick to ship to me once the order arrived to her. Everything arrived nicely packaged. I am very pleased with out transaction! Thank you so much. :)
    14. I joined Chaye's Luts GO. Everything was very organized and she did a great job of keeping us updated. Thank you very much.
    15. Participated in a Luts GO. Everything went smoothly, and Chaye kept me updated as needed! Great job, and thank you!
    16. I joined Chaye's Luts GO. She was a great group leader. She kept me informed and all of her pm's were super nice. She shipped out my items quickly. I wasn't even expecting them to arrive so quickly. I would happily join another GO run by Chaye. Thanks again :)
    17. I was also a part of Chaye's LUTS GO and had quite a different experience than the rest of the group.

      Now then, I had requested to pay a day or two late for the shipping of the items to me because I needed to wait for my paycheck. I ended up only needing an extra day and paid on Oct 31st. Now, of course, around that time DOA went down and so I figured I wouldn't hear anything but expected for it to be sent.

      On November 8th, after the forum was back up, I received a pm telling me she had forgotten to send out my box but would be sending it the very next day.

      So I waited. And I waited and on the 16th I became concerned and I had to pm her.

      She told me she had no excuses, would refund me my shipping costs and send it out the very next day with a picture of the receipt.

      I was ok with this; she was willing to give me my money back due to her negligence and would even provide me with proof of it's send off on the 17th. Though the fact I had to contact her and she had not bothered to contact me the moment the day she promised to ship had passed did concern me.

      By Monday, I still had heard nothing and to be honest, I was irritated, so, once again, I had to message her, saying that I had yet to receive my refund, shipping notice and receipt proof and would have to start a problem transaction thread at this point because it had basically been a month of bs. Now, let me also note that I had also checked to see if she had been on at all and according to her profile she had been on the forum Sunday around noon. She managed to respond almost immediately (for once!) telling me:

      Now, she had promised me this package would be shipped on the 17th. Taking a closer look at my receipt there, it is conveniently folded on the date portion. It was actually shipped on the 19th, I have proof from the box should that be asked of.

      So, to end this, she was horrible at communication near the end of this, I had to contact her every time just to find out if my items had been shipped and she ends it with attitude towards me and claiming she never lied, when in fact she had. I was very disappointed with this transaction and WILL NOT be taking part in one of her GO's again.

      Honestly, if she had just done her part in communicating with me and had not gotten such a defensive/rude attitude in the end, I probably would have just left neutral feedback. But because this was such an awful experience, I think it's fair to share what I had to go through.
    18. I participated in a Luts GO with Chaye. She was extremely good at keeping me up to date on the status of the order - including letting me know there would be a delay as one item I ordered would need a special box to be shipped in.
    19. I bought an IslandDoll Jessie from Chaye back in late October. Communication was excellent and the doll was promptly shipped after payment. The doll was well packaged and Chaye even included some candy since I had bought the doll around Halloween.

      Unfortunately, one of the shoes that were included with the doll was missing from the package. She was slower to respond to PMs after the doll arrived in November, as she was quite busy and had fallen sick, but she was able to send out the package at the beginning of December.

      Chaye was a great seller to buy from and was helpful when a minor issue arose.
    20. Chaye Took Part Of My Leekeworld GO. Communication Was Great, Payment Was Fast. Everything Went Smoothly. I Highly Recommend Her As A Responsible Participant. I Would Be More Then Happy To Have Her Join Any Of My GOs.