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Feedback! For Chelsea

Sep 8, 2008

    1. Hello,

      As ime what buy from you of you have buy what from my,
      Give a feedback pleas!.

      Kinds Chelsea.
    2. I am the first to leave feedback what an honor. Chelsea was wonderful to deal with and a sweet person. She purchased an outfit from me, paid right away and kept in touch. I would recommend her to everyone.
    3. chelsea has bought eyes from me, nice buyer!
      transaction is smooth, i will recommend her^^
    4. Bought a Dollfie dream doll from me. Payed fast and was lovely to pm with. Thumbs up! :) Would absolutly do business with her again.
    5. Chelsea bought an SD wig from me. Fast payment and she was very sweet! ^___^
    6. Chelsea bought a pair of eyes from me, and I have to say that she is a great buyer :) It was a nice, smooth transaction. Thank you!
    7. Chelsea bought a wig from me and was a wonderful person to deal with. The transaction went very smoothly and extremely quickly :)
    8. sold a soom body to chelsea! she was very responsive and paid quickly. thank you! ^_^
    9. Participated in a Dollmore grouporder led by chelsea. Everything went smooth and I am happy with the items <3. Thanks!
    10. I participated in a Dollmore GO hosted by Chelsea~ Everything went wonderfully! She was always on top of things, let us know the status with our orders, and was all-in-all amazing to work with -^^- would definitely join a GO with her again! Thanks ~ <3
    11. I participated in a Dollmore GO organized by Chelsea. It went great! She answered any questions quickly and kept us up-do-date about the order. Would totally join a GO led by her again. Thankies! :3
    12. I participated in chelsea's Dollmore GO. She was amazing, kept us up to date and shipped the items out asap.
      I'd gladly join a GO with her as a leader again!
    13. I participated in chelsea's Dollmore group order too. <3
      We had a great communication and she answered
      very friendly and quickly. :3
      The whole transaction was gorgeous and I would
      not hesitate to join a group order from her again! ^^
    14. I bought a Napidoll Chesi head from chelsea on layaway. She was nice, understanding, and shipped quickly. Smooth transaction. Thank you :)