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Feedback for Cherri

Jul 13, 2009

    1. New feedback thread.
    2. I just sold Cherri one of my SD Cotin Doll wigs. She was very prompt with PMs and asked a lot of questions about the wig--something that I admire in both seller and buyer. :) When more pictures were provided, she decided that she wanted to buy it. Payment was prompt upon my providing her with my PayPal address, and she also gave me her address in the PM, too, when asked.

      Very communicative, very thorough. An excellent transaction and I'd be happy to sell to her in the future. ^^ Thank you very much!
    3. Very prompt with payment and a communicative buyer, she let me know when the items arrived.

      Unfortunately the purchase did not work out as the wig appeared to have no elasticity even though it was photographed as being worn by a doll with a headsize that required the wig to stretch.
    4. Cherri bought a wig.Friendly communication,fast payment and informed me immediately when she recieved it.
    5. cherri bought some wig wefts from me, Paid quickly and the transaction went smoothly.

    6. Cherri bought an SD wig from me! She was very prompt with communication and great to deal with! I would definitely buy from her again. :)
    7. Whoops; apparently I can't edit my comments in this forum, but that was supposed to say "I would definitely do business with her again." That's what I get for leaving feedback late at night. XDD
    8. Cherri bought a few things from me and she was a great buyer with good communication and quick payment. All around a pleasure to deal with - thanks!!