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Feedback for CherryTea

Aug 29, 2009

    1. If you've ever done business with me, please leave your feedback here! Thank you in advance. <3
    2. + Positive.
      I sold an MSD Dollmore sleeping bag to CherryTea, and she was so sweet and easy to work with. Even though I had a mildly lengthy delay in shipping she was so understanding and polite about it, which was a big relief for me, since I was feeling so guilty about the delay :sweat I'm extremely satisfied with my transaction with CherryTea and I'd reccommend her as a buyer to anyone.
    3. CherryTea is a very nice buyer and the transaction with her was very friendly! Swift payment, nice contact - everything was perfect and I recommend her with all my heart. Thank you!
    4. a very wonderful buyer.
      cherryTea commissioned me to make some clothes ..
      it all went very smooth and was just great to work with
      thank you again