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Feedback for chessapphire1214

Apr 22, 2011

    1. Made my first Marketplace purchase today and I'm sure it won't be my last, so I figured I should start myself a thread :) Please leave me feedback, and definitely let me know if there's something I can improve on! Thanks a lot!
    2. Chessapphire1214 purchased a Little Gem head from me and we had a pleasantly smooth transaction! Communication from their end was well kept and friendly, leaving nothing to be desired and payment was sent swiftly. They were very easy to deal with and I would be very open to dealing with them again! ^^

      [ ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ ]
      ☺][ T h a n k i e s!! ][☺
      [ ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ ]
    3. I am runner up :) chessaphire bought an iplehouse benny from me and it was a very smooth transaction, very understanding and accomodating, a great buyer, paid on time and always quick with communications. really great, thankyou so much!
    4. Chessapphire purchased a Soom Glati from me on short layaway. She paid when she said she would, and was very good at communication (better than me, even!). She even let me know when the doll showed up. Soooo-- THANK YOU!
    5. chessaphire purchased from me my soom bygg ^_^
      It has a very pleasant transaction, I appreciated her asking questions and paying promptly the day she would, and I've loved the fact she has contacted me when the little bygg arrived at her. I've been very happy to deal with her, and I highly recommend her! thank you!
    6. Chessapphire1214 bought a Soom Adamelli from me and was an awesome, friendly buyer. Paid very fast, great communication -- a wonderful & sweet buyer in every way. Thank you so much! ^_^
    7. chessapphire1214 traded her Soom Aphan head with me for some custom hoodies. Communication was very friendly, she shipped the head out first and was very patient with me as I made her hoodies. Overall I'm really glad we got to trade, thanks so much! :)
    8. I sold my Anotherspace 2 outfit to chessapphire1214 and it was a great international transaction. She was really nice to deal with, paid very promptly and above all let me know when it arrived!

      A big thank you and I'm happy to recommend her. :D
    9. (Positive) I purchase Soom Heliot from chessapphire1214 and she was great, he was really well package, she was great to work with, the doll is amazing! Thank you so much for selling him to me, hes my dream doll!
      Thank you