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Feedback for Chia

Mar 11, 2007

    1. I really should have done this before now :sweat. Feedback for um, me. Anyone who has had any transactions with me I would appreciate feedback. <3
    2. I did a doll parttrade with Chia and see was really darling to deal with. thanks so much :)
    3. Chia just bought a blue t-shirt from me. She kept very good communication and paid promptly ^__^
      Thanks for the great transaction, I'll mailing it out tomorrow!!
    4. Chia bought an Iplehouse head from me and she was great to deal with! Very prompt in payment =D
    5. I sold Chia a small item and she made sure to let me know when it had arrived. :) Many thanks!
    6. Sold a Tshirt to Chia, paid promptly and replied to PMs in a quick and friendly manner.
      Thank you for the pleasant transaction!^w^
    7. bought a CP girl body from chia, great communication & it arived very quickly :D
      thanks so much!
    8. Purchased an adorable SD outfit from Chia and all went smoothly! She was very communicative and friendly. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again! RECOMMENDED!
    9. I ordered a pair of shoes from Chia, and not only is her customer service exceptional, but the shoes were great too! Thanks so much!
    10. Chia bought a jacket from me, paid promptly and replied to PMs in a quick and friendly manner.
      Thank you so much^^
    11. I bought a doll in need of some help from Chia and he was shipped promptly, packed well, and at a good price. Also good communication. Highly recommend!