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Feedback for .Chibi.I.Kirakishou.

Nov 14, 2010

    1. Just a feedback thread for myself. :doh
      So far,I've only made one transaction via the DOA market.
      Everything went swimmingly.:)
      So post below if you've ever had a marketplace experience with me.
      Have a great day!
    2. I have traded with/bought from Chibi at conventions and other places and she is awesome! When she has bought from me she always pays on time and stays sweet. I plan to do business with her more in the future.
    3. Well now you've had two that went swimmingly! :)

      I just purchased an Obitsu body (with extra bewbage) from .Chibi.I.Kirakishou. and am delighted with the purchase. She had a little delay with shipping, but let me know right away and was totally up front about the entirety. That, to me, makes a good transaction. I definitely recommend her!
    4. hI!! perfect transaction! I purchase from Chibi.I.Kirakishou. one ariana leeke head and I´m very happy with her! fast shippment and good comunication.
    5. Traded my sewing for her 5Star YoSD body. Went great. She is very good to work with, and shipped the body out very well packaged. Very pleased! :D