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Feedback for Chibi

Aug 1, 2008

    1. Since I started to do buisnser here on the marketplace with a certain frequency now, I think it is good to have a feedback thread =p

      I bought something from you? I sold something for you? Participated of a GO?

      Leave feedback for me here, please ^^-
    2. Let me be the first then...

      Chibi bought an F01 head from me. She was very quick with payment, kept great communication and updated me when the head arrived. Thank you for being a great and understanding buyer!!
    3. Chibi sold me a DOI Luke; The price was really good, including faceup and some clothes, as I asked her. Everything went smooth. The communication could be better, but she was really sweet and careful. She is respectable, reliable and I recommend her.
    4. I bought a Syo/Show head from Chibi. The price was good and she explained things well on the sale thread. She replied to my pms quickly and was very nice and friendly. She packed the head well also. A very good transaction.
    5. I bought a VE Shiwoo head from Chibi. Communication was good and the head arrived very well packaged and safe. A great transaction, I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again!
    6. Livia bought my Limhwa Half-Elf and everything went perfect:

      Payments on time and nice and friendly PMs.

      Can definitely recommend her!
      Thanks so much :D
    7. I brought a Dot Sha from Chibi,the price was very good and included clothes and a couple of wigs.She is very friendly and kept me informed about a few delays ,he took a bit longer than expected to get here but was worth the wait.I would not hesitate to deal with her again.
    8. Chibi PMed me about buying my Miyu on a short layaway of a month. It was early December and she paid me 150 up front. Come late December I hear nothing from her, and PM her. January comes, and I find the problem transaction thread about her. I PMed her stating that she has two weeks (by then it was late January and she had until 2/4/2012 to pay me the full amount). That time came by and went, so I refunded her her first payment (the only payment she gave me) minus 25 percent (in my thread I state all layaway payments require a non-refundable 25 percent deposit). She did contact me once before her two weeks were up saying she would pay, and a friend stated on the problem thread her mother would pay me. None of this happened, so I returned her money. Hope she gets better and I wish her the best.
    9. I commissioned many faceups with her! Very good feedback for Chibi
    10. I comissioned a facep recently. Everything went very good!!!!

      Positive feedback for Chibi !!!! :)