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Feedback for ChibiChanYaoiFreak

Jan 6, 2009

    1. Seeing as how she doesn't have one, and shes a sweetheart.

      I sold a Vampire Lu-Wen Head to ChibiChan and she was very quick to pay, and a real dream to work with. Kept excellent contact and let me know when the head arrived.

      Lovely buyer, highly recommended!

      Thanks again, ChibiChan! <3
    2. I bought a B&G body from ChibiChanYaoiFreak.

      This was her first time shipping a large doll body, so unfortunately, she was not aware that you need to put the company box in a larger, more stable shipping box, and a hand broke on the doll....After i talked to her, she took responsibility and refunded me part of the shipping fee. She's a trustworthy seller, and although we had a few bumps it was a smooth transaction.
    3. ChibiChanYaoiFreak bought a pair of MSD jeans from my shop
      wonderful communication, speedy delivery, a delight to work with
      A+ Buyer ^_^
    4. I sold a white top to ChibiChanYaoiFreak. She paid really fast and was very friendly. She also let me know when the item arrived. I would love to do a business again with ChibiChanYaoiFreak^^
    5. I sold a white leather outfit set to ChibiChanYaoiFreak, she was great. She asked if I could hold it for five days and then let me know that she'd need a few more days only to pay that day! She was wonderful to work with and I would happily do so again! :3
    6. I bought an amazing little MSD denim skirt for my Narae! She sowed me pic of it on her dolls befor I bought it, & when I recieved it (very well packaged!) It fit my dollie perfectly!!! Great Marketplace seller! Thanks ChibiChanYaoiFreak!!!!!:D
    7. I recently completed a face-up for chibichanyaoifreak-she was friendly throughout the transaction and had good communication :)
    8. I bought a Dream of Doll Tender Too from ChibiChanYaoiFreak, and she has been a great seller! ^-^ She was friendly and patient, and the doll was shipped fast and arrived promptly and in perfect condition.

      A++ Seller, and I would buy from her again ^-^
    9. ChibiChanYaoiFreak commissioned me for a face-up. ^___^ She gave good description and her communication was fantastic. Everything went smoothly and I would happily do business with her again. Highly recommended. ^____^
    10. I bought an Angel of Dream Rao from Chibi. She came safely, with a few cute extra's :D

      Great communication and fast ( FREE XD) shipping. I would recommend her as a seller <3
    11. Overall, this sale went pretty well. I purchased CCYF's PukiPuki Pipi and s/he was shipped when promised. However, apparently the post office did the packing and this is what I received:
      No padding at all. It resulted in damage to the doll's faceup, which CCYF offered partial compensation for, but the damage was not permanent so I did not accept the partial compensation. Overall, I would be willing to buy from CCYF again as long as she agrees to pack the doll herself next time. She was very polite and gracious in offering compensation for the damaged faceup and it was completely drama-free, so this did have a happy ending.