Feedback for chibirosie

Sep 28, 2018

    1. Hi there! Please leave any feedback you have for me as a buyer or seller here. Thank you! :whee:
    2. chibirosie bought Lillycat Ombre head from me. It was pleasantly to deal with you. Fast payment, friendly converrsation. Thank you!
    3. Chibirosie bought my peakswoods dotty muse and had her on a short layaway! She paid on time each installment and was very friendly throughout the whole process!
    4. I've had a wonderful and smooth transaction with Chibirosie when she bought one of my minifees on layaway. The communication was perfect and prompt, she sent the payments much faster than anticipated. I can highly recommend her as a buyer and have come to know her as reliable, friendly and very pleasant person to deal with.
      I'd love to do more business with her any time.
      Thanks so much!
    5. I bought a Doll Family Mao Mao. She shipped quickly and packed really well. A smooth transaction with great communication. Thank you
    6. ChibiRosie and I did a trade- her Youpla Doll Ziya for my Lillycat Poulpy (Both purple). It was the perfect transaction. She contacted me, was friendly, fast, provided excellent pictures, and shipped on the day we agreed to. Ziya was packed like fine china; those delicate fingers were well-swathed in bubblewrap. I couldn't be happier with this trade and would do another with her in a heartbeat. Highly recommended.
    7. ChibiRosie bought DIM Larina head from me. She was a perfect buyer. She is very friendly, payment was prompt, and she notified me quickly when the package arrived. Definitely a great transaction! Thank you so much again!
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