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Feedback for chienism

Jan 10, 2008

    1. A feedback thread for chienism. :aheartbea
    2. Woops I forgot to write <___>'''' sorry D':

      Anyway. Chienism did a really great job painting my Annette head! ^__^ I'm really happy with the communication and the service, and the face-up is simply gorgeous :aheartbea Couldn't be more happy with everything!
    3. Chienism painted my minimee head; a great transaction, thanks so much!
    4. Chienism painted my AOD Chen and he looks amazing. She got to work on him immediately and he was back home before I knew it. Thanks!!
    5. oops I forgot to post. sorry. chienism did a wonderfull job on my Max (B&G Sharon) she got my ideas perfectly and i couldnt be more happy. she kept excelent communication and got to working on him immediately. definately recomend chienism to others
    6. I just received the puki sets back from Chien~ and I'm very happy with how they turned out! She did a wonderful job with them, did mock ups for me before she even started painting them. Great to work with, I highly recommend her work. thank you~


    7. :) yee Chienism is great to do business with ! she's very very patient, very nice :) and very talented. She made my doll so cuteeeey :love, woudl love to send any faceless doll to her for a face up :D

    8. Chienism did the face-up on my Shushu. She is great to do business with. She kept excellent communication and was able to get my ideas perfectly. I would do business with her again and highly recommned her.
    9. Late late late. Chien did a wonderful faceup on my MNF elf in October, and a beautiful body blush on my KidDelf body in Jan/Feb. I'm planning to commission her again as soon as possible, she does gorgeous work and I can tell she's improving all the time.
    10. Sold a pair of Unoa hands to Chienism, It was a very smooth transaction ^^
      thank you!
    11. Chienism joined my Dollmore group order. Chienism paid quickly and had great communication throughout the order. It was a pleasure doing business with chienism, and I would definitely recommend.
    12. Chienism was recently in a Leeke group order I ran.
      VERY patient... payment and communication was prompt and friendly.
      I'd definitely recommend! :aheartbea
    13. I just got my Kazuki back (R-Asiam) and he's adorable! Great communication. She was very patient with me since this was my first custom face up and super nice! Highly recommended!
    14. Chien did an awesome job on a face-up for a modded B-El faceplate. :) She was great to work with. Thanks so much!
    15. I sold some Astrokitty clothings to Chienism and she is a fantastic person to deal with! She even showed me pictures of how the fit looks on her Unoa Boy as I was not sure how they would look like. She's a very nice person and very easy to talk to! It was totally a pleasure to have dealt with her. :)

      Smoooth transaction! An A++ Buyer who I can recommend to all! ^____^ Enjoy your clothes!
    16. chienism bought a pair of jeans from us. Quick with payment and so nice to deal with. Thanks so much!!
    17. chienism bought a sweater from me and paid exactly when she said she would :) Kept great communication too!
    18. Chien did a commission for me, and it was absolutely fantastic. :) Wouldn't hesitate to do business with again.
    19. chienism painted my Limho mono and he turned out marvellously! The transaction was quick and problem-free. She kept in constant contact, and took lots of pictures of the finished product.

      Thank you so much! :)
    20. chienism recently did the face-up for my boy kazuki, and did absolutely fantastic! the work was fast (looots faster than i could ever have hoped :"D <3 ) and looks absolutely incredible! Love love her work, and I'll definitely come to her again when i need another faceup ^___^ <333