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feedback for Chiiyeh

Mar 15, 2010

    1. Hi!

      You didn't have one so I made you one :P

      Chiiyeh bought a DoC tender Bee-A from me! Payment was right on time and the communication was excellent!

      From A to Z everything went perfectly, I would certainly buy from / sell to her again without hesitation!

      Thanks again, Chiiyeh!
    2. I sold some MSD clothing to Chiiyeh and it was a wonderful experience. Payment and communication were quick and top notch, I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her in the future!
    3. Chiiyeah bought a Dollzone Mo head from me :) She paid quickly, and was so easy to communicate with. I`m so glad that the head has found a good home, and wouldn`t hesitate to deal with Chiiyeah again. Thanks again!
    4. I bought a Planetdoll from Chiiyeah & the whole transaction was perfect! Great communication, super friendly, fast shipping, just all around wonderful. I'd never hesitate to do business with her again. Thanks so much!