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Feedback for Chikku

Apr 3, 2008

    1. Hey~!

      If you've done a transaction with me, please leave feedback for me.

    2. Sold a doll on layaway to Chikku. She is always on-time and is great at keeping communication. Thank you so much. I would love to work with you again. :)
    3. Chikku bought a newbie pack from my sale thread. Paid promptly and let me know when the package had arrived. Nice buyer.
    4. Sold a pair of dollmore shoes to Chikku, :D
      Quick payment and let me know then they arrived.
      Very smooth transaction~ would do business with again ^^

      Thank you~
    5. I think Chikku and I may have had one of the fastest transactions to ever take place. She contacted me with interest in some wigs I was selling, and in ten minutes or possibly less I had given her a shipping quote and subsequently been paid for the items.

      She was incredibly prompt, pleasent and PMed me to let me know the items had arrived. I would definitely deal with Chikku again. :3
    6. Chikku bought a pair of shoes from me. She was so fast with her pms and the payment, and was really nice about everything. I'd definitely deal with Chikku again. I couldn't ask for a better buyer. :3
    7. I've sold a Tan Chiwoo to Chikku with a layaway program. All was really perfect and wonderful !! I recommend her to all DOA members !! She's nice, wonderful and honest ! Thank you very very much !
    8. Chikku bought two sets of jeans and 3 wigs from me. She paid very promptly and reply very fast in pms. She's very nice to communicate with~! Also she let me know when the package had arrived. Very nice buyer, thank you very much~!
    9. I bought a Dollzone Mo (my first BJD) from Chikku, and it was a great transaction. Excellent communication, super fast shipping, very well packaged - all-around perfect! Thanks so much!!!
    10. I adopted a souldoll Paris from Chikku.
      She was kind enough to allow me layaway.
      Chikku packaged him up safely and was kind in her communication!
      Thank you dear...I LOVE him!
    11. I sold a doll to Chikku. She paid ahead of time during layaway. She was completely awesome from start to finish. Such a great buyer!
    12. I was in a Soom Split with Chikku. She allowed me to do 2 payments layaway, provided me with updates and shipped the doll in a timely manner with it arrived. Thank you so much for a smooth transaction. I am looking forward to another smooth transaction with Chikku soon! <3
    13. I've joined Chikku's Euclase split and all went marvelously. :)
      She kept a really good communication during all the wait, and was really helpful when I needed a special help from her. Can't be more happier !
      Will do business with her with pleasure !
    14. Chikku purchased a Fifth Motif Venitu from me and was very polite. The 224th one ever made! Great communication and I would deal with Chikku again! :cheer A+ experience!
    15. Chikku purchased a Volks Ryoma Sakamoto. Everything went smoothly and she let me know when the doll arrived, thank you!
    16. Chikku bought a Ryo Narasaki from me. She’s an excellent and decisive buyer who pays promptly. I also appreciate the effort taken by her for replying to me quickly.

      One of the best transactions I’ve had!
    17. Amazing transaction with Chikku! She was very responsive and extremely prompt on payment. Super sweet and kind to work with and was happy to provide her with a doll she absolutely loves <3 thanks again!