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Feedback for Chincheta

Oct 16, 2008

    1. Chincheta is a super seller!

      The doll I received was great (DIM Flowne).

      The packaging was great.

      The communication was great.

      She is very nice and considerate.

      I highly recommend her!

      Positive ++++++++++
    2. I traded my wishel for her DZ Leo. Everything went great. I love my little boy. I would definitely deal with her again.
    3. Chincheta and I traded dolls, her hybrided elf for my D.I.M Leisha.

      All communication has been very friendly and sweet, and easy!!
      She shipped the doll quickly and well protected, and he arrived safe and sound to his new home. Just as described, and with extra goodies :)

      I'm very, very happy with the trade, Chincheta is such a sweet and friendly person to deal with, and very helpful
      with all questions. I can highly recommend trading with her, and would not hessitate to buy from, or trade with, her again !

      Thank you so much for a wonderful trade Chincheta :D
    4. I traded dolls with Chincheta...my bbb dyed Erin for her DZ Leo. She was unhappy with the trade so I shipped her extra eyes and a Puki faceplate. She was understanding after I explained the situation on my end and the trade ended favorably.
    5. Chincheta and I traded a dollzone Luna on a little creature? thaat was maded by me for her scetch. It was an wery interested and nice work.
      I'm very happy with the trade ) Thanks you, Chincheta
    6. Chincheta bought IS Zhuqing head from me, nice transaction^^
    7. Chincheta and I traded dolls, I received her DollZone Burton cat. We had some shipping mishaps on both sides but we each got our dolls and kept in good contact. Chincheta is a good trader!
    8. Finished a very smooth and pleasant transaction with Chincheta.
      thank you so very much.
    9. Wo, I cant stress how wonderful she is! I bought a DZ baby from her and we had thought it was lost in the mail :( She did everything in her power to help me figure out what happened to my baby. Thankful it did eventually arrive though. Thank you so much for everything!
    10. Chincheta bought the doll glass eyes from me , the whole transaction is very happy ,she was very kind and friendly , it is happy time to have the business with her, highly recommend her to all of you. by the way ,I would like to say when her friend comes to me , pls remind me that you are her friends ,and then you will get the gifts from me .hahaha , we do our best to show the happyness between us on this world.
    11. Chincheta is an absolutely wonderful person, I cannot say enough to justify how fantastic she was throughout our transaction. I bought a doll from her which ended up getting stuck in US customs for over two months. We had no way to track him once he left her country(Spain) and entered mine. She kept in touch the entire time my boy was MIA and didn't leave me in the lurch for a moment. She kept PMing me with updates on her end as she tried to find some way to find out where he was. Unable to offer any concrete solutions, she went above and beyond with support and encouragement. She did her best to keep me informed and just knowing she was there and taking such an interest in seeing this through was amazing. I could not get any help from US Customs as they flat out refuse to track packages in their care. I had no way of knowing where he was or if he'd ever come home. At last he made it safely here and Chincheta was ever at my PM box waiting for any word on him. I am delighted to say I would gladly recommend her one and all and that I would gladly deal with her again!:aheartbea Buy, sell and trade with confidence as Chincheta is truly a trustworthy member of the community. *huuuugs* Thank you so much again, mi amiga!
    12. I bought an Angel Region Ren from Chincheta. It was a pleasure to deal with her. Very friendly and I had a lot of fun. The doll came as a perfectly packed mummy *g* with glasseyes as present. I can only say, thank you very much and stay the way you are. :aheartbea:)
    13. I bought a Dollzone Dragon from Chincheta and the entire transaction went very smoothly! Communication was great, shipping was fast, the packaging was wonderful (such soft blankets! *_*), and the doll was exactly as described. I highly recommend her as a seller! Thanks again! :D
    14. I bought a Dollzone Dragon from Chincheta. Everything was wonderful with super fast shipping! I Highly recommend this Seller!
    15. Fantastic seller, Not sure how she gets things from Spain to the US that fast! She's faster than Hong Kong on EMS and the UK EVER. And perfectly represented, the DZ Figaro came to me well-padded and gorgeously preserved. A+++++++
      Don't even hesitate, buy from Chincheta!!
    16. I just bought a DollZone 1/4 Ray in tan from Chincheta. She was super nice to deal with and very very fast to ship him. He was in perfect condition and I'm very very happy with the transaction. Everything was just perfect. I can't recomend Chincheta enough and I would deal with her again any time. :)