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Feedback for chizzie_shark

Feb 7, 2008

    1. Chizzie bought a wig from me and s/he's absolutely great to deal with: prompt replies, fast payment and an overall pleasant transaction. Definitely will do business again, thank you :)
    2. chizzie_shark held a group order in which I took part. She replied to all messages very quickly and was very friendly. After she received the package, she mailed my item to me straight away. Great transaction with no problems at all! ^^
    3. Sold a shirt her! Great buyer, fast payment! I highly recommend ^^ Thanks again!
    4. bought a kemper wig from me, perfect customer! come back anytime.
    5. Sold a shirt to chizzie_shark! :D She was a great buyer with great communications and prompt payment~ Would gladly deal with you again! Thank you!
    6. Sold a dress to chizzie, the transaction was smooth, she let me know when the dress arrived. Thanks a bunch chizzie! :)
    7. chizzie_shark bought a dress from me. PMs were friendly, the payment was prompt, and she was very understanding when I had to ship later than expected. Overall a very pleasant experience, and I'd definitely do business wtih her again. ^_^
    8. chizze_shark particapated in my DIM Minimee group order. Great person to deal with, and was a joy to send something so far away. I can't wait to see what you do with Vincent!
    9. chizzie_shark was in our Beauty and the Beast Vincent head Minimee GO. Great person to have in any transaction. Can't wait to see how your Vincent turns out. ;)
    10. Chiz did a dollmore GO and I hopped in on her soom order as well. Communication & shipping were great, there were just some quirks about company products but that's another story. Thanks girl! :)
    11. chizzie_shark ran a Dollmore GO and kept us all well apprised of where everything was at with regards to payment/preparation at Dollmore/shipping. She was lovely to deal with and I'd do another GO with her anytime. :)
    12. chizzie_shark bought some outfits from me. Great communication and fast payment. Thank you very much. :)
    13. I sold a skirt and free pair of shoes to her and it was a wonderful transaction. Hope you enjoy your items!
    14. I buyed loafers from Chizzie and they are great. Perfect communication with her, she sent very fast and very well packed. It was a pleasure to deal with her!!! Thank you, Chizzie!!!
    15. I've join chizzie_shark's Dollmore GO and items received a couple weeks ago. Everything went smoothly. She kept us up-to-date regulary, communication was great. Items were shipped out promptly once she received the items.
      I would definitely join another GO ran by chizzie_shark.

      Sorry for the late feedback!:doh
    16. I bought a wig from chizzie_shark and it just arrived today. The wig is gorgeous and very well kept, just as described, it was well packaged and arrived very quickly! She was also very nice throughout the entire transaction and very helpful.
      Overall great transaction, I'd definitely buy from her again :)
      Thanks!! :D
    17. Chizzie_shark is a first class buyer!! We had an extended lay-by agreement on a Tiny and the payments were like clockwork. Shaz was a pleasure to deal with every step of the way and was understanding of the postage processes etc... Thanks so much for a brilliant transaction and for adopting my Tiny she's gone to a VERY loving home :)
    18. Recently did a transaction with chizzie_shark and it was great. Great communication and prompt payment.:aheartbea
    19. Chizzie bought a dress from me and was a great buyer. I'd do business with her again:)