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Feedback for Chobits0821

Jan 16, 2008

    1. If you have a transaction with me, please leave a comment here. :]

      Thank you! :aheartbea
    2. Excellent buyer! Paid very quickly and was very pleasant to work with. Highly recommend! :)
    3. I bought a bobobie Sprite from Chobits0821 and it was an all around great transaction, and shipping was extremely fast. My little Sprite got here in fantastic condition.

      Thank you!
    4. Great buyer! Super fast payment and a pleasure to deal with.
      Thank you very much ^^.
    5. Bought a puki piki from Chobits0821, quick delivery and awesome to work with.
    6. Positive: Chobits joined a leeke GO I ran, was easy to communicate with, and payments ran smoothly! Thank you!
    7. Sold chobits0821 some eyes. She paid quickly, let me know as soon as her package arrived and was always polite and friendly in her PMs. :) Thank you!
    8. Excellent transaction with chobits0821. I purchased an Ocean Moon EunRyoung 2 days ago. The doll was shipped yesterday and I received today. Eun Ryoung is exactly as described. Thanks!!
    9. chobits0821 was in a Leeke GO i recently hosted, and was a pleasure to work with. Fast payment and wonderful communication, wouldnt mind have her in a GO again or even selling to or even buying from in the future ^_^
    10. I bought an outfit from chobits0821. Fast shipping and very good seller. Thank you so much!;)
    11. sold a puki to chobits0821. chobits0821 was wonderful to work with and kept up great communication ^_^ *hugs for the Awesome Transaction*
    12. chobits0821 purchased some astrokitty clothing from me and has been a fantastic buyer! Prompt payment and very easy to deal with. Highly recommended to all!! Thank you so much. ^^ Enjoy the clothing!
    13. I sold a wig to chobits0821. Fast payment, excellent communication, and she let me know when it arrived. Awesome transaction. ^^
    14. Purchased a Minoruworld doll from chobits0821. She packaged it well and shipped it fast. Would definately be willing to buy from her again.
    15. chobits0821 purchased an outfit from me and was a perfect buyer--fast payment and let me know when it arrived. Thanks so much~ :D
    16. I bought a PukiPuki from Chobits and she made the transaction so smooth.
      She even accepted when I asked to wait until my loan came through, until I paid (luckily I was paid earlier than expected)
      Puki arrived in the same condition as described. She was a lovely seller.
    17. Bought a CH Bisou BonBon from Chobits, transaction went smoothy, would buy from again! :D
    18. Just purchased a Minifee Vamp Woosoo from chobits0821. Arrived in excellent condition and fast shipping, Whole transaction went smoothly- i would have no problems buying something again from her! :)
    19. I bought a BF Tinyfairy Sarang, and she arrived quickly and flawlessly. Also the outfits she came with were too cute for words! :D!
    20. I purchased a Minifee Juri 08 head from Chobits0821. She was very good at keeping me updated on what's going on and was very, very nice throughout the process! I received the head in perfect condition - even better than what I was expecting! Thank you very much also for the considerate little gift you had included, and thank you so much for selling me my dream doll('s head!) A very happy transaction indeed!