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Feedback for Chopsticks

Sep 19, 2008

    1. I probably won't do much selling, but I plan on buying a few things from the market :) Might as well have a feedback thread! XD
    2. Chopsticks Commissioned me for a Jacket for her boy. Very very very friendly! Paid quickly! Would definitely commission things for her again <3
    3. Chopsticks bought a goldplate doll ring from me, paid amazingly fast and let me know when it arrived and how it fit. An excellent transaction! Thank you very much! ^_^
    4. I bought a DoD wig from Chopsticks. Communication was wonderful, shipping was quick, and the wig came in excellent condition. I would definitely deal with her again!
    5. Chopsticks bought a Dreamingdoll body from me after I responded to her WTB thread, and I couldn't be happier with the transaction. She knew exactly what she wanted, responded quickly to PMs and paid in full immediately! I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again, thanks! :)
    6. I bought a doll from Chopsticks and it was a wonderful transaction.
    7. Bought a wig and some eyes from Chopsticks, excellent transaction, love them both . . . .
    8. Chopsticks bought the sweaters from me, well communicate and fast payment, thanks so much!
    9. I bought a pair of Mystic eyes from Chopsticks and everything just went perfectly. :] Recommended seller~
    10. Chopsticks bought doll eyes from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    11. Chopsticks bought a wig from me. Everything went perfectly smoothly. She paid quickly and let me know when the item arrived. Thanks! :D
    12. Chopsticks purchased shoes from me. Paid very fast. She was very nice and friendly in communication~! She PM to tell me when package arrived~ Thank you so much for great transaction :aheartbea
    13. I bought a wig from Chopsticks. She shipped very very speedily and the item was in perfect condition. Wonderful seller, would not hesitate to buy from her again in the future!

      Thank you~~ :)
    14. I bought a dreaming doll body from chopsticks! Very good comunication and fast shipping! I would definitely do business with her in the future.
    15. I just sold a SDF body to Chopsticks. A great transaction, swift payment, great communcation, very nice to deal with and let me know when the body arrived, plus left feedback. Would love to work with again.

      Thank you so much.
    16. I bought an 8-9 wine colored wig and I couldn't be happier! The transaction happened the same night I pm'd her and she was so quick to ship it out! She was nothing short of FANTASTIC and even sent back money when the shipping was less than what she thought! I would do buisness with her in a heartbeat!!!
    17. Positive. Chopsticks bought a Volks Cristal head from me by paying with layaway. The process was perfectly smooth because Chopsticks PMed me with updates and kept me up to speed on everything. I couldn't ask for a better buyer! The PMs were also very friendly and Chopsticks was fun to chat with! I would love to do business with Chopsticks again.
    18. Was finally able to purchase the beautiful tanned DZ Xi head from Chopsticks! Thank you! It was great working with you!! (now off to find a body!)
    19. I sold a SD13 body to Chopsticks and as expected the transaction was PERFECT! The communication was prompt and again the PMs were also friendly and fun. The payment was fast and Chopsticks let me know right when the body arrived. Thank you again!
    20. Bought some msd clothing from Chopsticks. They were shipped fast and arrived safely. Pm's were quick and friendly could not ask for more.