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Feedback for Choubliss

Sep 16, 2011

    1. Howdy! I'm not an avid buyer and seller, but I would like to post a feedback thread for people I do do transactions with!

    2. I traded my light tan RS Ya for Choubliss's white skin RS Ya. The trade went absolutely perfectly! I'm usually very wary of trading outside the US because of how weird the post office can be, but Choubliss was extremely careful with the packing and prompt with the shipping for her end of the trade, and my new girl arrived safely and in a timely fashion. Choubliss was also very communicative and friendly through the whole process.

      I would definitely trade with, buy from, or sell to Choubliss again any time.

      Thanks for the great trade!
    3. Once again, I had a great transaction with Choubliss! She commissioned me for a dress for her MSD girl. Payment was prompt and she let me know the dress arrived right away. Wonderful buyer! :)
    4. Choubliss bought a Customhouse wig from me. She paid very fast and let me know when it arrived. She's also very fun to talk to. Thanks again for a great transaction!
    5. Choubliss bought a pair of 12mm glass eyes from me and all went perfect!
      Hope to deal with Choubliss again! ^^