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Feedback for Chris4u

Apr 13, 2008

    1. Please be so kind, to leave feedback for transactions with me, here. Thank you! :aheartbea
    2. chris4u bought my two domuya heads (sophie and day).
      She was very friendly to work with, excellent communication and prompt payment...
      i would gladly deal with her again!!!

    3. I sold a body to Chris4u. She was wonderful to deal with and it is very easy to communicate with her. She paid promptly and are a patient buyer! Fantastic!!
    4. Chris4u bought a wig from me. She is a wonderful buyer, nice communication and fast payment. I would happily deal with her again!
    5. Chris4u bought a Juri05 head from me. All perfect, very wonderful buyer, fast payment and friendly communication. A +++ ^___^ Thanks so much ;)
    6. Sold Chris4u a pair of Dollzone boots, with fast payment and excellent communication-
      Very pleasant transaction, thanks so much! :)
    7. She bought a head from me. Good communication, prompt payment. So glad the head has found a good home.

    8. I had a transaction with Chris4u being the buyer, and I was really happy to deal with her!
      Communication with her worked fast, and she seems to be really kind person too. I also got the payment from her without any problems.
      She informed me when the item had arrived to her, and gave me a picture too! ^__^

      I can just recommend her as a buyer! :)
    9. Chris4u bought a pair of 16mm grey glass eyes from me. It was all perfect, very nice buyer, fast payment and very very friendly communication!!!
    10. I sold Chris4u sd sweater and shirt. She paid very fast and she's very friendly. Its a pleasure dealing with her. Very good buyer!

    11. Such a lovely buyer, Chris4u bought a AA girls body from me.
      Can't recommend her enough, very friendly and great communication :)
      Thanks for such a smooth transaction ^_^
    12. Chris4u bought a head from me. The transaction was perfect. She paid quickly and communicated well. Would definitly deal with again, thank you!!
    13. I sold Chris4u a doll body. The communication was great and fast :)! Very fast responses and a great pleasant to deal with! Thank you!
    14. Chris4u bought a AA shiwu head from me 8D

      transaction was actually done quite quickly. The negotiations were fair and Chris was very compromising.
      I delayed the sending of her tracking number by one day due to computer problems but chris was rather understanding about it. She informed me when the head arrived at her place and I even got a cute picture of Benny ^^v

      overall, one of the best buyers i have
    15. chris4u bought Lishe head
      She was very friendly to work with, and She paid quickly ^__^ She let me know, when a box reached her as well as she sent a few photographs. :)

      i would gladly deal with her again!!! :D:D:D
    16. I sold a dollzone body and she is a very good buyer, pacient and rapid with payment. 100% recomiended
    17. Chris4u bought a leeke Koji head from me. Prompt with paying and let me know as soon as he arrived.

      Wonderful quick and pleasent transaction. ^^
    18. Chris4u bought a wig and some eyes from me. Paid quickly and is pleasant to deal with. Thanks!
    19. I sold Chris4u a wig! She was very pleasant to deal with and responded to all PMs quickly~ I would definitely sell to her again~ Thank you very much!
    20. Chris4u bought a Dollinian body from me, and the whole transaction was great. She paid promptly, kept in good contact with me,and let me know right away when the body arrived! She's been very pleasant to deal with and I would not hesitate to sell to her again.