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Feedback for ChriseeV

Jun 22, 2006

    1. Since I coudln't find one, I am setting one up. This is a feedback thread for ChriseeV. I just completed a transaction as part of a group order that I held and ChriseeV was a pleasure to work with. I hope to work with you again!
    2. I bought an outfit from ChriseeV - it was an easy transaction and the outfit looks great :)
    3. I bought a shirt from ChriseeV. It arrived very quickly and she even held it for me for a few days ^_^ Thanks so much :3
    4. We (Amet & I) bought an awesome shirt and leather pants from ChriseeV at a meet. They were in excellent shape and she was great to deal with. ^~
    5. I am still waiting for some sort of communication about a Luts boy body I purchased (and paid for in full) from Chrisee three weeks ago. I can find no evidence that it has been shipped, and I'm getting no answers to email or PM now, even though I can see that Chrisee is online and on DOA right this very minute.
    6. Still no Luts body (which I paid for in full on July 28), and no replies to my emails or PM's.
      Chrisee, do you even plan to send me the doll body?
    7. ChriseeV bought a Reisner from me since I happened to managed a second by fluke chance :) all went well.
    8. I bought a MnF Chiwoo head from Chrisee; it was exactly as promised and in fact she went above the call of duty to make sure I had the neckpiece and that he was clean. Very smooth transaction. A+
    9. This is incredibly late, but I bought a basket of clothes (two shirts, one pair of pants) off Chrisee at a meet. Exactly what I needed. Will definitely buy again.
    10. Bought a gorgeous shirt and a suit from Chrisee at a meet. It was a smooth transaction and she was awesome to deal with as always.
    11. I bought a gorgeous MNF outfit from Chrisee. The transaction was smooth and she was wonderful to deal with. Would definitely do business again. :D
    12. haha late again! got a pair of very nice SD plaid boots for my boy while at a local meet up. great stuff
    13. Chrisee ordered a Sato FCS through me last October. There were some delays in communication before the order was made, however once the dolls arrived she was quick to send payment through for shipping and was understanding when bad weather delayed the posting of her doll. Thank you for your order!
    14. also got a the bod from the chiwoo. the little blue men picked it up at her house and i had him/it(?) in short order. great as always
    15. We sold Chrisee a Leekeworld wig. She paid promptly and was a pleasure to deal with. I'd definitely do business with her again.
    16. ChriseeV ordered a Sato FCS doll through me and was wonderful to work with! She sent payment promptly and was great with communication throughout the transaction. I highly recommend doing busienss with her. :)

      Thanks so much for the smooth transaction! :aheartbea
    17. ChriseeV placed another Sato FCS order through me. The order was smooth sailing from start to finish, she was communicative and prompt with all payments. Thank you so much! :)
    18. I bought a Domuya Flexi Body from ChriseeV. Communication was prompt and shipping was fast. Thank you so much~