Feedback for Chrissy_Dreams

Mar 13, 2018

    1. Chrissy bought my 5 Star Doll YOSD Vivian. I enjoyed doing business with her, and would do business again any time. She is friendly and we communicated well.
      THANKS Again Chrissy!
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    2. :bcupcake:daisy:aheartbeaPositive feedback:aheartbea:daisy:bcupcake

      Chrissy_Dream bought a little Monica haazel head from me and was wonderful to work with and had excellent communication throughout the transaction.
      They let me know when they received the head and I highly recommend Chrissy_Dream as a buyer and I would be happy to work with them again:hug:.
      Thank you so much Chrissy_Dream!
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    3. Smooth transaction and kind buyer :)
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    4. Made a nice and smooth transaction with Chrissy_Dream) They were very accurate and precise, it was a great pleasure to deal with them! Excellent buyer! Looking forward to keep in touch) Thank you so much, Dear Chrissy!:hug:
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    5. Chrissy_Dreams bought an Illusion Spirit Calos from me. Smooth and delightful transaction. She communicated very well throughout, Thank you Chrissy.
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    6. Thank you too.
    7. I had a great transaction with Chrissy_Dream
      she paid quick and was kind enough to let me know when she got the doll
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!
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    8. Traded my doll love for her impl doll, smooth transaction, timely updates and very polite, would do future transactions happily.
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    9. Chrissy_Dream Bought my Little Monica little Kliff. She paid promptly and was super nice to talk to. She informed me when the doll arrived. Would love to do business with her again. Thank you
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    10. I sold a Withdoll Nei and Withdoll Rachel head, as well as some Minifee dresses, to Chrissy_Dream, and she was great! Prompt communication and payment and she was lovely all round to deal with and super nice! Recommended!!!!
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    11. She bought 2 dolls from me and it all went really great. She's wonderful to talk to and is a great communicator and there was no problem with payment either, she even let me know when they arrived and left feedback as soon as they did. Thank you and I'm glad they arrived safe with you :)
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    12. Chrissy_dreams bought a supia girl from me and paid right away. She communicated very well and was a pleasure to deal with. Would work with again
    13. I bought a doll from Chrissy_dreams and everything was perfect. I would recommand highly :thumbup
    14. Chrissy and I did a trade of her Supia body for my Luts Nina. Chrissy was great to deal with. We communicated through here and Messenger. The body arrived today and it's perfect. Chrissy even added some freebies for me! This was a really great and easy trade and I'd be happy to recommend Chrissy to anyone as a seller or trade partner. Thanks Chrissy!
    15. Chrissy_Dream bought a doll from me and it was a perfect transaction! I would highly recommend her as a buyer :3nodding:
    16. Chrissy_Dream was willing to ship her Migidoll Cho to me in the US from Australia, which is amazing considering the condition of the world right now. He arrived safely and very well packaged (and even with the gift of eyes and a wig)! Beautiful doll, great price and fast shipping, highly recommended. <3