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Feedback for Christalblu

Nov 15, 2006

    1. I sold my Liebchen order to Christalblu and she paid BEFORE the scheduled payment dates and was very kind and friendly all through the process. A wonderful buyer who keeps her promises and communicates with timeliness and compassion. :)
    2. christalblu bought a teen trends outfit from me and paid fast, it was a super smooth transaction.
    3. I worked with christalblu to order a SD Nana from Volks since, at the time, I couldn't do it on my own, and she was wonderfully eager to help me and kept me up-to-date about everything. Other than some small problems with an accident concerning the check (stuff happens), it was a wonderful process, and I definitely recommend working with her. :)
    4. Christalblu participated in my Iplehouse G.O., and the communication was great and the payment was quick!

      Thankyou so much!
    5. ChristalBlu participated in my sixth Pale Blossoms Glass Eyes group order and everything was simply swell! Quick responses to invoices and inquiries and lovely communication. A pleasant transaction from beginning to end.

      :clover Thank you for participating in this order! :clover
    6. christalblu purchased a dress from me. She's a great buyer. Quick communication, quick payment and she also let me know when her packaged arrived!
      Thank you so much :)
    7. Christalblu Bought a Cian head from me which she paid for through layaway, she was quick with her payments and very polite. I highly recommend transactions with her.
    8. Christalblu bought a Soom Migma body from me on layaway, and I couldn't ask for a better transaction! She was prompt with payments, kept excellent communication, let me know as soon as the body arrived and was super-friendly and understanding when there was a bit of a delay on shipping. Highly recommended, thanks so much!!!
    9. Christalblu bought a Resinsoul girl body from me on layaway. She was excellent about her payments, and letting me know when she was making them. When the body went missing after I shipped it, she was wonderful...so patient and understudying! She let me know the second it (finally) arrived. I couldn't ask for a better buyer. Thank you!! <3
    10. Christalblu participated in my GO for Leeke World and was a pleasure to work with. She paid both invoices promptly and I would definitely work with her again. Thanks!!
    11. christalblu bought from me a IOS Infernale via layby. the transaction went smoothly, communication was great. i'd gladly deal with her again. :)