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Feedback For *Christie*

Apr 10, 2012

    1. Please leave feed back for *Christie* here!
    2. *Christie* bought a limited set of Iplehouse clothing from me. Paid quickly, replied to PMs fast and was a lovely person to do business with. Certainly wouldn't hesitate to sell to/buy from again :)
    3. Christie bought a pair of jeans from me ~ payment and communication both swift & perfect! Great buyer :3
    4. *Christie* commissioned a faceup for her Iplehouse Taregan with me. Payment was prompt. Good communication. Overall a wonderful transaction!

      Thank you so much, Christie!
    5. I answered Christie's WTB thread for a Claude fullset...she paid when she said she would, kept up a friendly communication throughout and then let me know when the stuff reached her...wouldn't hesitate to recommend and deal with her again...

      Fab! Thanks so much

    6. Christie bought a winking pukipuki faceplate from me and I am really happy with the whole transaction. She is a lovely person to meet in the marketplace. Friendly and bright in all communication. Was a pleasure to meet her and I highly recommend her to others.
    7. Christie purchased servial glass doll eyes from me , she is very very kind people ,very friendly ,i respect her. all the things around her are happy ,

      i am very very happy to get the feedback from her on national children's day( 1st of Jun.) althrough i am not child now , it is really sweet.

      i like you ,Christie, all people who want to get wonderful and sweet life , if you have the thing related with her ,pls don't waste the chance with her ,

      hahhaha,good feeling will have good life ,

      thank you very much again and again
    8. *Christie* purchased a limited set of Iplehouse clothing from me; paid quickly, replied to PMs rather quickly. He is a lovely person with a great sense of humor and I'd love to deal with him again.
    9. *Christie* bought an Iplehouse Tedros outfit from me. Communication and payment were quick, highly recommended! Thanks very much for a pleasant transaction ^__^
    10. *Christie* is a sweetheart to sell to! Great communication & fast payment, I highly recommend her to everyone! Thank you so very much!
    11. Christie bought a set of Iplehouse Claude armor from me. Communication was great and payment was prompt. Lovely buyer to work with, and I wouldn't hesitate to do so again.
    12. I sold anIplehouse Jacket to Christie, and couldnt have had a better experience, thanks! Highly recommended!
    13. *Christie* bought the Iplehouse Chase Magician outfit set from me. She is great to deal with, fast payment, fast reply and let me know when the outfit arrived to her. I am really happy with the entire transaction. She is a wonderful buyer indeed! Thank you very much! :D
    14. Christie bought Iplehouse Evan's outfit from me. She was very nice to deal with. Fast reply, quick payment, and she let me know right away when she received the outfit. I would gladly do business with her again!
    15. *Christie* participated in my Iplehouse Douglas split! Taking the outfit and shoes. She was great to work with, she paid promptly, was good with communication and patient! Would work with her again!
    16. Wonderful transaction!!!! :D

      *Christie* participated in my Iplehouse EID Douglas split. He was super nice with communication, fast with payments and a total pleasure to deal with from the begining to the end. He let me know right away when his box arrived and I can't be happier to have had him being a part in my split.

      100% recommended!! Thank you, *Christie*!!!!
    17. *christie* purchased an iplehouse luo strongman from me and was very pleasant to deal with, even when i made a mistake and forgot to send something ><;;; (i quickly mailed it out and they let me know promptly when the second package arrived)
    18. Christie ordered a tailored kilt from me for her EID. She was a pleasure to work with, providing all the information I needed when asked. Very patient and understanding of my schedule conflicts, as well. >.< :chocoberry
    19. Christie bought my Tedros outfit and was wonderful to deal with. Paid on time and let me know when the outfit arrived. Would gladly deal with again. Thank you!
    20. Christie bought Evan's mask from me. It was very pleasant to deal with her! She is wonderful buyer!