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Feedback for "Christina in FL"

May 9, 2009

    1. Please leave feedback is we've had transactions together. I'll be glad to do the same for you!!:)

      P.S. Just in case don't confuse me with other Christina's here. Christina (who's located in Belgium) and also ChristinasDream (who's located in Tesax). Both are awesome people (obviously, after all their parents named them Christina - it just goes with out saying ;)), but they both deserve their positive feedback more than I do! :daisy
    2. I've had excellent transactions with Christina in FL ~ Both selling items to, and buying from her. I've also participated in group orders she hosted, and she did a great job with these too. I highly recommend her! :):truffle
    3. PS ~ Sorry, but I confused Christina in FL with another Christina, who was actually the person I purchased items from, and who ran the group orders.
      Christina in FL and I did have a very nice transaction: She recently purchased a pair of Eyeco eyes from me, and it was a very pleasant, smooth transaction, I definitely recommend her! Just wanted to confirm. :)
    4. I have bought from and sold to Christina in FL - she's a darling and great to do business with! I highly recommend her!
    5. I've always had good experiences with Christina.
    6. Christina adopted SoulKid Apple- a smooth sale & speedy payment!!
      thanks again for the bid & so glad you are pleased her:fangirl:
      enjoy! :chocoberry

      xxoo kate
    7. Christina bought a pair of Iplehouse eyes from me. Fast payment, and fantastic communication! Highly recommended!
    8. Christina bought some MSD clothes from me and she was a pleasure to do business with. Great communication and fast payment. Thanks so much:0)
    9. Christina bought a purse for her MSD from me! She payed super fast and was great to deal with :)
    10. Christina bought a pair of Souldoll eyes from me. She is friendly and very nice to deal with. I would definitely do business with her again :) Thanks again!
    11. Christina bought a YoSD headband from me and she was a pleasure to deal with - friendly and nice. I totally recommend her :) Thank you again!
    12. Christina bought a dress from me and it couldn't have gone better! She's a pleasure!! Thanks so much!!
    13. Christina is just the sweetest - case in point, she didn't have to leave feedback for her Etsy purchase or for my purchase of a BJD related toy but she did. She is a pleasure to communicate with and I'd do business with her again ANY day !!!
    14. Christina participated in my Fairyland GO. She was an absolute delight to have and always kept prompt and friendly communication. I would absolutely recommend her in any transaction. Thanks so much! :)
    15. Christina in FL was in my TaTa GO. Payment was sent fast and communication was great! Everything you need to make a group order go smooth!

      ☆^ヽ(*^-゚)vThank you♪v(゚∇^*)/^☆
    16. Christina in FL bought a FPL65 Human Siean faceplate off me and everything went with out a hitch! She was a pleasure to deal with and payment was smooth. :>
      A+ buyer, would defiantly do business with her again! c:
    17. Christina in FL joined in on my Dollmore order. Payments were sent quickly and communication was excellent. I would love to have her in on another order in the future. :)
    18. I sold Feeple65 Ital faceplate to Christina - perfect transaction, prompt payment, best communication, can't ask for better really :)
      I heartily recommend her as a buyer.

    19. I bought a yder head from Christina and everuthing was perfect - she communicated promptly, packed carefully, and shipped quickly. Thanks so much!
    20. I just had a Wonderful transaction with Christina in FL the communication was wonderful, and this adorable PKF Space Helmet came safely wrapped and at Lightspeed! I would happily buy from her again - Thank YoU Christina! :fangirl::aheartbea