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Feedback for ChristinasDream

Jun 6, 2007

    1. I purchased a CP Lishe from ChristinasDream and the transaction went extremely well. She arrived here yesterday and was extremely carefully packaged, and in perfect condition. He is great at keeping up communication and over-all I would definitely recommend him as a seller.
    2. I purchased a Juri 06 head from ChristinasDream. Everything went smoothly, except for a little delay in shipping, which he let me know about. The head came excellently packaged, and I am very pleased! Thanks for the transaction! :thumbup
    3. I purchased an Elfdoll Ryung from ChrisinasDream and all went very well! Great communication and very friendly! Even included an extra pair of glass eyes! Thanks, Mike!!!
    4. ChristinasDream purchased my MNF Lishe from me. He paid promptly and was very pleasant and considerate to deal with! Smooth transaction~!
    5. ChristinasDream bought some pants from me. The payment was quick and the communication was great! Wonderful buyer! <3<3<3
    6. Sold my LE Elfdoll Lydia to ChristinasDream. Great person to deal with, and fantastic communication.
    7. Bought some clothing from me, in a great, pleasant transaction! Thanks much for your patience and for letting me know they arrived!
    8. ChristinasDream commissioned me for a face-up. He was prompt with payment, excellent with communication and was very patient with me when I was slow! It was a very pleasurable transaction and I'd love to work for him again. <3
    9. Just for future reference, I am a she! :sweat It seems the address I ship to has caused a bit of confusion on this.
    10. ChristinasDream bought a scarf from me. Great transaction!
      Thank you! :)
    11. I recently bought a swan dress set from her for my girls. Smooth transaction and the dress is nicely pack can't be happier. Thank you!
    12. ChristinasDream bought some new Elfdoll gal hands from me - and was
      wonderful to deal with! Excellent communication, very fast payment with
      Money Order - and she let me know when the hands arrived too!
      Robyn :)
    13. ChristinasDream purchased a scarf from me.
      Fast payment, friendly communication and totally great to deal with.
      See ya! =^_^=
    14. I bought a pair of hands from ChristinasDream. Excellent seller, good communication, and they were wrapped very well when I opened the package. Thank you very much! :)
    15. Rachel purchased a pair of shoes from me and was the perfect customer! Fast payment and very nice~ :) Thanks again!
    16. ChristinasDream commissioned me for pair of leggings, was very fast with payment and PMs ^^ I highly recommend!
    17. ChristinasDream participated in my Dollmore group order. Friendly to deal with and quick payments. Thank you again!
    18. I am so remiss -- ChristinasDream let me purchase an older EF girl body on layaway, completed back in July of this year. She was unfailingly friendly and wonderful to deal with!
    19. Hello i like to say i am very happy with my new girl Lidia Elfdoll i got from Christin. She was very friendly shipped fast and packed all very well
      All was as described thank you very much
      good day
    20. ChristinasDream bought my Soom Amber. We had very pleasant contact and everything was wonderful! Payment was quick and let me know when Amber arrived! A+++!!!