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Feedback for chroniclesofdreams

Mar 4, 2009

    1. Didn't see one started yet so here goes. ^_^

      chroniclesofdreams purchased an MSD outfit set from me. Prompt payment and was a wonderful person to deal with. Recommended buyer. :)
    2. Chroniclesofdreams is a great buyer! She is very polite and payed for her clothing set promptly, she even let me know when her package arrived.
    3. I sold my bory girl to Chroniclesofdreams. She's a great buyer, paid promptly and very pleasant to deal with.

      Thank you!
    4. Chroniclesofdreams bought a YOSD outfit set from me and the whole way is a happy experience. :)
      Fast and friendly communication with prompt payment~

      Thank you so much! :D