Feedback for Chthonic_Song

Mar 3, 2019

    1. If you have bought from me or sold me any merchandise, please leave a feedback post!

      She/her pronouns

      Thanks in advance!
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    2. chthonic_song bought a Luts SDF Abadon from me. We worked out a short 1-month layaway, and she made an immediate downpayment but then she ended up paying him off the very next week! Which was awesome :) She was super-sweet to deal with and great with communication, it was an absolute pleasure to do business with her and I would happily do so again! Thank you & I hope you love him!! :)
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    3. Chthonic_song bought a Minifee Rendia head from me and was great to work with! Their responses were quick and friendly :) They let me know right away when Rendia arrived as well. I would be happy to work with chthonic_song again in the future!

      Thank you! :)

      I bought some Impldoll jointed hands from this member and everything was just perfect! (Including the hands!) Impl has discontinued this color and my boy had no hands, so these were fantastic! She packed super well and included a gift. Thanks so much! Would love to work with you again!
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    5. I bought a pair of horns from Chthonic_song and everything went perfectly :) Very quick communication and shipping, very well packaged, and even had a cute little gift! Thanks so much!!
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    6. I purchased a MNF Vampire Klaus head from Chthonic_song, and it was a lovely transaction from start to finish! She was very responsive and polite in all of her messages. I received the head in perfect condition and I would work with her again any time. Thank you for allowing me to do a layaway for him, I appreciate it :)
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    7. I sold a Fairyland Juri 2020 to Chthonic_Song. The transaction went smoothly. She paid promptly. She let me know as soon as she got the package and communication was always nice and friendly. I would happily do business with her again. Thank you! :3nodding:
    8. Absolutely positive feedback

      chthonic_song bought a Phoenix Doll Chateau head from me and it was very fast and smooth transaction. Communication was very friendly and polite, and I highly recommend everyone to do any kind of transactions with Mary K, and will be appreciated myself to do business with her again in the future. :):daisy
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    9. Bought a Black Cherry Kaorin head från @chthonic_song . Communication was stellar on their part (mine was probably a bit lacking). Was open to different shipping options and shipped out promptly in a well packaged box. 10/10 would recommend buying from them again.