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Feedback for *Chu*

May 25, 2010

    1. Feedback for *Chu*

      Welcome to my feedback thread!
      Please leave your feedback for me here!
      Thank you so much!

      CHU ^_^ :hamster:
    2. Chu bought my MNF DES with default face up (with layaway).
      lovely communication, and VERY authentic, fast payment !

      great to deal with and I can definately recommend her :)

      I would love doing business with her again!
    3. Chu purchased some yosd clothes and shoes from me and it was a perfect sale! she was so polite and friendly in her pm's, paid quickly and let me know as soon as it arrived. I would definately not hesitate to deal with her again! :)
    4. Chu bought an Elfdoll Tasha from me on layaway, very smooth transaction, payments were all made on time. Would not hesitate to recommend her as being a very nice and reliable member of DOA to deal with.
    5. Chu bought my BC Judy with layaway option. Fast payment, money arrived just as she told me.
      Lovely to deal with and I can highly appreciate her!!

      thank you so much honey *hugs*
    6. Chu purchased a Delf MOON head from me and she was really polite and friendly in her pm's, paid quickly and let me know as soon as he arrived. I would definately love deal with her again and I highly recommend her to everyone.
    7. I sold a Yosd dress set to *Chu*. Everything was great! Fast payment and lovely communication! Highly recommend her! Thank you so much! ^__^
    8. Chu purchased a ss moon head from me. Payment was prompt and communication was always upbeat and friendly. Highly recommended buyer.
      Thank you for a smooth and pleasant transaction.
    9. chu bought my obitsu haruka head and was a delightful buyer. she's been so understanding even though i was quite delayed in shipping it to her. every email has been very friendly and she's been an absolute pleasure to do business with.

      thank you so much for a great transaction!
    10. Chu purchased a pair of Lati Yellow sneakers from me and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with - great communication, friendly buyer, fast payment and she kindly let me know once the item had arrived. Couldn't ask for a better buyer and I would happily deal with Chu in the future. Thanks again!
    11. Sold Chu a Dod Sha head - everything was great!
    12. *Chu* purchased a Delf Shine from me last year on layaway. Great communication and super sweet person. I would do business with her again anytime :)
    13. I bought a MNF head from *Chu*. Everything went perfect. Great communication, fast and secure shippment, Head in great condition with exta eyes as gift. Thank you sweety! :)
    14. I bought Chu's Bambicrony Judy. Communication was very pleasant, she's a very sweet person to deal with, and she shipped lightning fast. My doll arrived extremely safely wrapped and packed up. I couldn't be happier right now, thanks for a perfect transaction! <3
    15. I bought a MNF DES + Ryeon head in NS from *Chu*...best and smoothest transation that I ever made! Great communication (she was so patient to answer all my questions!) a real pleasure to deal with.
      Thanks so much! I can't wait to play with my new doll/s :D!
    16. I bought an Infinitidoll SID body from *Chu* in August of 2017! She split her hybrid's sale lot for me, which was super sweet, and was happy to take a ton of photos for me before shipping.

      She was very polite while discussing split pricing, and the body arrived safe and sound with dutiful wrapping and care! Absolutely lovely to work with <3

      (im playing catchup on feedback! sorry this is so late :'0)