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Feedback for chyna ^^

Dec 12, 2006

    1. hi there !! please make me know what you think about me if you had had some kind of transaction with me ^^ .. i will be very happy to know !! thanksssss !!
    2. I sold a pair of Volks pants to chyna. She's an excellent buyer to deal with~ Thank you~
    3. I sold chyna a pair of limited faux-leather pants from Heiseijinyao. She paid very quickly!
      Thank you! :D
    4. chyna is absolutely wonderful to deal with. I sold her some belts and she paid promptly and kept great communication. Thanks again :daisy
    5. Chyna just purchased a sweater from me. She was a joy to communicate with, paid promptly & let me know when the item arrived. What more could a seller ask for? I'd be happy to do business with her again!
    6. Our first transaction with Chyna was wonderful. Quick, quick payment and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much!!
    7. chyna bought a Luwen head from me. Great transcation, good communication and fast payment. Thank you so much!
    8. I ordered FCS for chyna.

      All PMs and e-mails were very polite and friendly.
      Chyna made a full payment immediately. I could have wonderful communication with her. I was really happy to be able to order her girl :aheartbea

      It's a great pleasure to deal with Chyna!! :fangirl:
      She is one of best buyers I've ever met.
      Thank you very much :) I really highly recommend Chyna :aheartbea
    9. Another great transcation with chyna! Thank you so much!
    10. chyna bought some of my outfits ,really a nice buyer,Thank you so much.
    11. chyna is a very warm girl,she is very easy to deal with!She paid quickly!
      Thank you very much,dear!Kiss you!
    12. chyna is one of the loveliest customer I have ever had!
      She is very nice and sweet! wouldn't mind dealing with her again~:aheartbea

    13. sweat~~~~~XDD see you again~~
      chyna is very....very nice buyer~~XDD
      we always have a wonderful communication~~ soo easy to deal with~~
      CHU~"" chu""~ chu"~~~
      wish to see you again >333<
    14. I joined a FCS split with chyna. Everything went flawlessly
      It's my pleasure to deal with her.

      Thank you. ^^
    15. Positive feedback for chyna again :aheartbea

      I got a seat for FCS split from Chyna this time. She is always nice and lovely. The transaction went quite smoothly. I really appreciate Chyna :abow:

      Many thanks for all!!
      You are wonderful :fangirl:
    16. chyna bought Volks Amakusa Head from me and she's totally a pleasure of deal. :)
      Clear and fast communication with prompt and smooth transaction. She paid when she said she would, a trustworthy buyer. She's so wonderful! :D

      Thanks for every sweet things again!!!
      cifr. :D
    17. I sold a lingerie set to chyna , we have great communications, she made fast payment, everything went smoothly, she is a nice buyer~~ Thank you very much!
    18. Chyna ordered FCS through me. She paid very promptly, and her e-mails always brightened my day! :) I definitely recommend her.
    19. Chyna bought a SD13 boy body from me. She was wonderful to deal with and kept really good communication. She asked for a layaway and always paid me on time.

      Thank you for a smooth transaction and I look forward to dealing with you again in the future! :)
    20. Chyna bought a Genji head from me. It was a wonderful trasaction!!
      She was really friendly, always happy and brings her joy to the others like an angel in every single one of her PMs. Her payment was superfast!
      Thank you so much chyna~>< This is the most delightful transaction I have had so far. I can't say enough but absolutely thank you~~><