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Feedback for cian

Sep 20, 2009

    1. ok. currently i've only bought things from other people. if i've bought anything from you, please give me a feedback. Thanks!
    2. Cian bought my Dollheart Black Fer. ^^ She was very polite throughout the transaction, and accomodating when I requested to meet up at the library a walk away from our pre-arranged meet location. :3 All in all a lovely transaction, and I'd certainly sell to her again. ^^
    3. cian was a really nice & friendly buyer~ She reached earlier than the meet-up timing and is even willing to travel an extra distance to meet me. A really wonderful & nice buyer! <3
    4. Sold stuffs to cian twice! She's really a pleasant girl and reaches way earlier than the meetup time, which is great! lol.
      Really nice buyer to deal with! Communication wise was smooth ! <3
    5. cian joined my LUTS GO, her payment was prompt and communication was great as well!
      Was an enjoyable experience overall. :)
    6. So cute and sweet girl ^_^

      Joined my ninestyle GO, payment fast, meet up collection is on time. Nice buyer. Highly recommend.
    7. cian participated in my 4D G.O.
      Communication was good and we met up on time. (In fact, I was 5 mins late. haha)
      Overall a smooth transaction and good G.O. participant. ^^
    8. Friendly & accomodating seller~~~ nice seller to deal with x33
    9. Cian participated in a Spite and Malice GO i organized. She was very polite accommodating when I couldn't make it to meet up with her upon our initial agreed timing and place. :3 All in all a lovely transaction.. ^^ paid up promptly too.. :)
    10. Cian sold a black&white checkered shirt to me!
      It was packed very nicely, and she is super friendly.
      Even when it rained heavily and I didn't have an umbrella with me, the shirt stayed dry. :) (I did get wet, but who cares. XD)

      See, he looks so adorable with his new shirt. XD <3

      Thanks, Cian!
    11. Hi, Cian- you're tall. @_@

      I bought a pair of red eyes and brown eyes from Cian. She made sure I knew and accepted the slight defect on the eyes. X) She's really friendly and accommodating. :D Thanks, again~~
    12. Cian is great!! Fast payment, meets up at places that we agreed.

      Joined my crobi, TATA and Sunny world GO! We are still contiuning order things together
    13. Cian bought a pair of delf hands from me. She was very accommodating with the meet up venue and all PMs were replied promptly. Thanks for the pleasant transaction! :)
    14. Sold a pair of miniature spectacles to cian. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    15. Sold Silicon discs to Cian! Awesome buyer as usual, quick with replies and transactions!
      Was a pleasure to do transactions with! :)
    16. So sorry for the late feedback and having to get you to run all the way to braddell! ><

      Bought a wig and pants from Cian, Awesome seller, wonderful to deal with. \o/

      Thank you so much!
    17. Cian commissioned me for the faceup of her boy Lishe, Gabby.
      She was very responsible in informing me of possible stains and other problems prior to shipping the head to me, and made sure I was comfortable with everything before commissioning.
      She was a fast payer. And she was very supportive althroughout.
      Very pleasant experience! ^_^
    18. Cian sold me her gorgeous Obsidian Dreams necklace and I couldn't be happier. Such a brilliant quality jewelry! :D
      Thanks! :aheartbea
    19. Sold a customized handmade furwig to cian. An absolute wonder to work with. Payment was as promised. A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    20. Bought a Doll heart Fer from cian. SUPER FAST TRANSACTION!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Shipping from Singapore to US EVEN during the holidays, it was really fast!