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Feedback for Cinnasmum!

May 11, 2009

    1. Hi, thank you for your feedback! :aheartbea
    2. Cinnasmum participated in my dollmore GO. They were very quick with communication and payment, lovely to work with! Thank you!
    3. Sold an Oceanmoon Shou Ryu head to Cinnasmum. Communication was excellent and payment was prompt. Thank you for a great transaction~~
    4. Sold a DZ Yuu to Cinnasmum. Fantastic payment, communication and very very friendly to deal with. five gold stars!
    5. Cinnasmum participated in my Rain Minimee GO. She was wonderful to work worth, communicated well and paid promptly. I would certainly work with her again. Thanks!
    6. Cinnasmum commissioned me to make two sweaters for 90cm dolls^^ The whole transaction was very pleasant, payment was sent right after I finished the job:) Great Buyer^^
    7. Cinnasmum bought my Latidoll Red NS body - Her pms and emails were very prompt and friendly.
      She paid super quickly - AND - she let me know when the body arrived safely too!
      Hope that you really like that sexy guy body!!

      Thank you Cinnasmum for a delightful transaction!!!
      Robyn_in_WA :)