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Feedback for circe-nausicca

Sep 20, 2009

    1. Whoops, forgot to make one of these! ^^
    2. I sold a Souldoll Double Body to circe-nausicca and I couldn't be any happier with how everything went! :) She was incredibly friendly and fun to talk to while the entire dealio was taking place, her responses were quick and prompt just like her payment(s). I would totally recommend her to anyone, and wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again~

      I hope you enjoy the body, and it works for what you need. :) Have fun doing the tattoos, I can't wait to see how they turn out!
    3. I bought a pair of 12mm Leekeworld topaz glass eyes from circe-nausicca. She was an amazing seller with excellent communication and super prompt shipping! I would/will definitely buy from her again!
    4. I traded with circe-nausicca. Always prompt with returning pm's and shipping was fast and well packaged. A pleasure to work with and highly reccomend!! :D
    5. I traded with her for a Practice head and she was great to work with. I'd love to work with her again.
    6. circe-nausicca bought two pairs of SD pants from me. The transaction was wonderful and smooth. It's a great dealing with you. Thank you circe-nausicca!
    7. She bought a wig from me and all was perfect. Very nice and fast payment, thanks!! :cake:
    8. I sold a Souldoll girl body to circe-nausicca and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She paid promptly and communication was great. Highly recommended!
    9. circe-nausicca order face up from me ~she is very pleasure to deal with ! I am glad to meet her and hope can meet her again in the future~
    10. circe-nausicca worked a split with me, and it could not have been smoother! Was ordered quickly, received and my part sent to me with great speed and care. Terrific communication, great packing, just really, wonderful to deal with.
      Thank you sooooo much!!! :abow:
    11. Sold a wig to circe (sorry this is kinda late ^^;)
      Very quick, easy transaction and good communication ^^
    12. circe-nausicca bought two pairs of eyes from me, she's a pleasure to deal with, great communication, fast payment. Thank you so much ^^
    13. I bought a wig from her, the communication was great and she's got a good heart, she refunded some shipping costs because it was lighter ^^ The wig is in perfect quality and I'm super happy with it :D
    14. I bought a wig from her
      great communication and very fast shipping
      thanks again
    15. I bought a pair of Souldoll eyes from her and everything with fantastic! Superb Communication, fantastic shipping (speed & packaging), and an all together fabulous buying experience!
    16. circe-nausicca participated in my Iplehouse group order. She communicated promptly and paid on time, and I'd gladly do business with her again. Thank you for joining my GO!
    17. Got my eyes a bit ago!
      Very happy with this transaction
      Shipping took a long time, but not the sellers fault!
      Thank you!
    18. I bought her DOC Homme Kirill on a 4 months layaway. I had A LOT of problems during those 4 months (family problems, travels, credit card problems) and she was very comprehensive with me and my problems and very patient too. She also sent him as I asked her to, to avoid custom taxes. The doll came to me in the described condition, and very well packaged, no damage. She sent along 2 wigs, extra hands and velcro, and eyes on him, also. She forgot to send me the extras and told me so, letting me know she'll send the extras too, as soon as she can. She's a trustworthy person and I'd def. do business with her again ^^
      Thank you so much for everything!
    19. I bought cire-nausicca's Soul Doll Inges. From her amazing tattoos to that beautiful face and body I just had to have her. She allowed up to 4 months layaway but I did it I think in 3. She packed her very well and she arrived in good time. It was a 3 day weekend too so very happy she was a good speed. I am loving my new Goth girl and can't wait to get her in her own clothes style and get pics of her on DOA and other sites. CN was a great seller, patient and very good about making me happy as a buyer of one of her kids. :D
    20. I sold a Supia body to circe-nausicca. Very friendly and prompt communication, super fast payments and an all around excellent transaction! I wouldn't hesitate to deal with such a wonderful buyer again! Thank you so much! ^^