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Feedback for Citronrouge

Apr 24, 2009

    1. I sold an Unoa face-plate to Citronrouge, and she was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Great communication, fast payment, and let me know when the item had arrived. I would happily recommend to others!
      Thanks again!
    2. Hello! I also sold an Unoa faceplate to Citronrouge. She was just excellent to deal with and let me know right away the package had arrived and that all was well. Recommended!
    3. I purchased a CH Bisou Bonbon from Citronrouge and was very happy with the transaction! Communication was great, shipping was fast, and the doll was in perfect condition. Would definitely deal with again!
    4. citronrouge bought a Unoa faceplate from me. The transaction was perfect, she paid quickly and communicated well. Thanks so much!
    5. Citronrouge bought a Soom LE head from me. Communication was great, payment was fast.
      Thank you
    6. I bought a Soom body from Citronrouge. She was lovely to deal with and gave me a very good price. The blushing is beautiful and I am so happy to have my boy complete finally. Thank you!
    7. I purchased a DT Elysia head from Citronrouge. Very happy.
      Wonderful transaction! Thank you!
    8. Purchased a Sphaler head from Citronrouge and it arrived today. Fast service, very carefully packed (and in a lovely green box too). Communication was excellent. I'd definitely recommend this seller.
    9. I bougth a Elysia head from CitronRouge. She is a wonderfull seller and ship the head safely and quickly! thanks!!!
    10. I bought a doll from Citronrouge.
      Best communication, incredibly fast shipping, the doll was packed very well and arrived in perfect condition as described.
      I'd definitely recommend Citronrouge as a seller; would be happy to deal with her again.

      Excellent transaction all around, thank you very much! :)
    11. And one more perfect transaction with Citronrouge!
      Rapid and friendly communication, fast shipping and incredibly beautiful doll exactly as described.

      Thank you very much! :)
    12. I've commissioned to Citronrouge a face-up.She was simply perfect to deal with, very very friendly and patient. A real artist, love her work on my head so much.A pleasure, great packagin, recommended! :D
    13. I've commissioned a face up to Citronrouge,she was very pleasant,she kept a great communication and she did an expcellent job on my head,thanks so much :D
    14. Excellent transaction!
      Purchased a doll from Citronrouge and she is a best to deal with - in all possible ways.
      Friendly and fast and perfect. Thank you so much!
    15. This lovely lady adopted fairy Modigli from me.
      Great communication and Fast payment.
      thank you very much!!!
    16. citronrouge made an awesome make-up for one of my dolls. Everything went great.
      A wonderful artist indeed :)
    17. Fabulous artist! Love my new Alice head she created for me. Highly recommend.:D Thank you so very much!
    18. Overall: Unsatisfied, Negative feedback.

      Services Ordered: Faceup for 2 heads, Soom BF Cuprit, Luts Delf DES
      Time: 3 months

      Communication: Citronrouge was poor on communication, did NOT tell me what she was doing to my heads asides the odd update on photo manips and the like if I had an issue with it. Definitely was kept in the dark on this transaction
      Quality of work: Excellent. The blushing, however blotchy in some areas is pristine and precise. she has good linework and has a good knack for style.
      Shipping: In the end shipping was insane.. I would never ship to France for this kind of work anymore. forget it. With the length that it took for Citronrouge to complete the transaction I should have been given the fastest shipping possible to get my heads home. however, the most that SHE was willing to pay for was the lowest and slowest shipping possible.. and there was no way in hell that I was having my heads on a goddamn boat.
      Packaging: Sub-par. Ended up using my box that I shipped to her, which was banged up as it is when it arrived. so it didn't leave much for bouncing around in transit back to me.

      Extras: After falling off the face of the earth for a few weeks at a time to go on trips and conventions and some other personal shenanigans(which this part is perfectly understandable.. but to a degree) I had to unfortunately start up a paging thread to get info on what was happening with my second head for the transaction. I won't go into details here, but if you need to see the whole argument between myself and Citronrouge then you can search her name in the negative feedback thread.

      General Pros: Citronrouge's work is pretty damn good for all things considered. the mockups are a very good plus and lets you see what will be on your head before it actually gets there..makes for less use of pigments and sealant and the like. Not bad.
      General Cons: The length of time for all of the services I ordered was quite long. Three months to get two heads completely done is extreme and even past her OWN estimated wait time. Citronrouge's lack of customer satisfaction in this transaction makes this feedback completely negative. My heads did NOT receive any gloss to the lips or eyes. so they look a little incomplete. I'll be contacting a local faceup artist to see what she can do about the condition of my heads.
      Citronrouge, as stated before, Sanded one of my heads without my permission. When I got my heads back the sanded head had what seemed to be marbling or the like on her chin/cheek. Again,pictures in my paging/problem transaction thread.
      Most likely I will not be contacting Citronrouge for another faceup due to this bad transaction.
    19. Positive feedback

      I bought from Citronrouge an AquariusDoll Ella head, custom painted by her. The communication was smooth, the head well packed and shipped very quickly. The head in real is even more amazing than on the picture, the face-up is just - WOW - absolutely marveolous! I am very happy of this transaction!

      Thank You very much, Citronerouge!
    20. I've commissioned 4 face up and 2 blush to Citronrouge, she was very nice and understandable, she kept a great communication (despite the fact that I was away a lot and took a bit too long to answer her) and she did a wonderful job on my heads and bodies. It took her a bit longer than expected; mostly because the calf of my doll kept giving her trouble -_-'; but I don't mind it. Her work is magnificent.

      Thank y
      ou very much Citronrouge!