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Feedback for claytonwinter.

Jan 5, 2009

    1. Hi.
      I don't do alot of business, but I do buy things on occasion. Please leave feedback if you've had a transaction with me.

      Thank you~ ^^
    2. I sold Pjs and bear hat to claytonwinter.she was friendly and a pleasure to deal with.~and make a very quickly payment~~a nice communication~ ^^Thanks so much~
    3. I sold a mattress, pillow and bed cover to claytonwinter, who payed quickly and had very good communication.
    4. claytonwinter bought a migidoll ryu head from me. A really nice and friendly buyer and makes payment on time~! ^o^b
    5. claytonwinter purchased a Nanuri head from me, and also a faceup. We had excellent communication throughout the transaction, and the whole thing worked out rather nicely. ^^ I would work for/sell to him again anytime. Thanks!
    6. Claytonwinter commissioned me to make a wig.
      It was a nice smooth transaction :)
    7. claytonwinter commissioned me to make a custom wig, and was a wonderful buyer. Very clear and friendly in communication, quick with payment and lovely overall. Definitely reccommended, thank you very much!
    8. claytonwinter bought a tiara from me, paid quickly with great communication. Thank you again claytonwinter!!!

    9. claytonwinter joined my group order, hes really friendly and very responsible, always letting you know whats happening and paying on time. i look forward to any more group orders we do in future!
    10. I sold some pyjama trousers to claytonwinter, he's very nice and chatty, prompt to pay, and patient. I'd sell to him again. :)
    11. claytonwinter commissioned me to make a necklace. He is very nice and the work was done/shipped quickly because of his input. Thank you so much! Will definitely let him commission with me again.
    12. Claytonwinter bought a pair of shoes and a bag from me ^o^ All very smooth and paid quickly, let me know when they arrived <3 Thank you!
    13. Another great transaction with claytonwinter! He bought a second fur wig and was even quicker with pm's and payment than the first time around. Thanks again!
    14. Claytonwinter commissioned me to make headphone,very quick at payment and PM,glad to do bussiness with youXD^w^
    15. claytonwinter comssioned me to do tattoos and bodyblushing for their doll. Very easy to communicate to,a wonderful customer! ^_^ Would definately do work again! <3
    16. Claytonwinter purchased a necklace from my shop. He was prompt with payment, easy to communicate with, and a rather polite fellow to boot :) I would most certainly do buisness with him again.
    17. Claytonwinter bought some buttons from me. It was a great transaction, payment was sent very quickly and with some added for extra postage which was very kind! Communication was fast and friendly. Highly recommended! Many thanks :)
    18. Feedback: +ve

      claytonwinter was a spree participant with &#9824; Kidollro &#9828; with our very first spree.

      Payment was immediate and his replies were always polite.

      Thank you for spreeing with us! We look forward to seeing you again!
    19. Claytonwinter purchased a Miyavi Miniature Replica Guitar from me on 6/8/09 and I must say the transaction (so far) has been super. I will be sending out his item first thing on 6/9/09. Payment was prompt and he was very easy to contact - his correspondence is speedy. I would highly recommend claytonwinter for any/all transactions. Wonderful person all the way around! :)

      Claytonwinter is a :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar buyer!
    20. An off the shoulder tee shirt was bought from me, Clayton paid swiftly and was a pleasure to deal with,lovely and friendly and I wouldn't hesitate to do business again!