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~*~Feedback for CleverSneazoid~*~

Apr 13, 2009

    1. :chocoberryFeedback for CleverSneazoid please^^:chocoberry
    2. I purchased two minimee heads from CleverSneazoid. Communication was prompt and overall, it was a very smooth transaction. Thank you again.
    3. CleverSneazoid bought a crobi wig from me. Payment was fast and communication great. :)
    4. I sold a wig to her and it was a great transaction. Thank you very much!
    5. I bought a doll head from CleverSneazoid. The transaction went smoothly and the head was very well packaged. A+ seller!
    6. I sold a head to CleverSneazoid and as my 2nd transaction with her, again it is a perfect one. Thank you so much!
    7. CleverSneazoid bought 2 Ange Ai from me! Communication was nice and polite. Payment was fast and it was a very smooth transaction!

      Thanks so much! Enjoy your girls!
    8. Just completed a trade with Nola! Absolutely wonderful transaction, everything was flawless. Thanks so much for making my first trade fantastic!
    9. I bought a K-doll Karon head from CleverSneazoid and I couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction...I'm very pleased thank you ^ ^
    10. CleaverSneazoid has bought some doll clothes from me. Communication was very good and the transaction was smooth. A pleasure to do business with :D
    11. I sold some SD clothes to her. She paid promptly and kept wonderful communication. Recommended buyer!! :D
    12. CleaverSneazoid bought some doll clothes from me and it was an excellent transaction- fast payment and very good communication.
      I recommend CleaverSneazoid to other buyers and sellers :)
    13. CleverSneazoid bought a msd cloth from me.
      Perfect transaction with a smooth communicate and fast payment
      Thank you very much again!!!
    14. CleverSneazoid participated in my Soom Yrie split. Payments were prompt and it was a smooth transaction. Thanks so much! ^_^
    15. CleverSneazoid bought a AA male body from me. She communicated great, paid swiftly and let me know when it arrived. I would not hesitated to buy or sell from her in the future.
    16. CleverSneazoid bought an FDoll boy body from me, payment was prompt, emails were friendly, an easy transaction!
    17. CleverSneazoid bought a doll head from me and was quick with payment and very patient.
      Thank you for the smooth transaction!
    18. I did two face-up commissions for CleverSneazoid and the transaction was wonderful! ^^

      Great communication, explained what she wanted very well, speedy payment!
      A very nice person to deal with and I hope to again in the future! ^^
    19. CleverSneazoid participated in one of my GOs (for TATA'S PARADISE). She paid both invoices promptly, and was understanding about wait times due to my job.
      Thanks for joining my GO, CleverSneazoid! :)
    20. CleverSneazoid bought my Zaoll Luv on layaway. The transaction went great and I'd sell to her again. :)