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Feedback For ClockworkAngel>>>>>>>>>>

May 11, 2007

    1. Hi all i am very happy to start a very well deserved good feedback thread for ClockWorkAngel>>>> I bought a gorgeous doll from her that she modded and painted herself which i adore so much!! She was very patient, and held her for me until i paid, she was sent with lightning speed and very well packed for her journey to me in the UK, and came with some added free gifts!! ClockworkAngel is a fantastic faceup and mod artist and a lovely seller to boot I would recommend her to everyone 110% for an all round perfect transaction!!

      Huge thanksees (>_<)
    2. I bought a lovely DOT outfit from clockworkangel. It was just as described and shipped promptly in a beautifully wrapped box. I am very happy and would buy from her again.



    3. Hi everyone!

      There were some issues about the rumour that I use human make-up for dolls...

      I can't stress enough that I don't.

      I use pastells, airbrushed acrylics and Mr. Super Clear (without UV protection, sorry, I can't seem to be able to buy this type)

      Thanxx for your listening ear! :)
      Kindest greetings,
    4. Hi..
      I bought a super-gorgeous head from:fangirl: Clockworkangel.. :fangirl:
      "Dreaming Vamp Chiwoo " and she did a great face up one her *Jummii* And she who's very friendly and helpful..also very fast shipping + well packed.

      Thank you I love her !!:aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
    5. I bought an white AoD body for a BW Lishe head from Clockworkangel, it arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. I would not hesitate to order anything from her again. She's a fantastic artist too!
      Thanks Silvee.
    6. I just completed a commission for ClockworkAngel and it couldn't have gone more smoothly. Payment was super-fast, communications were prompt, friendly and fun. All transactions should go this beautifully!

      Thank you!
    7. I have bougt a dollzone bunny and it was a perfect transaction!!!! Great seller
    8. Great buyer!! I sold a pair of Chaim's wings and all went perfect! She is super kind and fast with payment! Also great communication! It has been a pleasure, thank you so much!! :D
    9. POSITIVE! I bought a gorgeous pair of shoes for my Delf boy and everything was perfect. She shipped to Italy incredible fast, very well packaged. The shoes are mint. She's a really good Seller! I strongly recommend her.
    10. I bought an outfit from ClockworkAngel. It shipped quickly and was VERY well-packaged to make the trip overseas! :aheartbea Communication was friendly throughout, and overall it was a great transaction. I'd definitely do business with her again. ^_^
    11. ClockworkAngel was a part of my last dollmore group order. She's actually been on a couple of my past ones as well too. She's always great to do business with. Very sweet and always makes quick payments too! Always welcome to my group orders
    12. I had Clockworkangel do the faceup of my Delf Miyu! I couldnt be happier with her! She was vert fast and still did an amazing beautiful job! Worth every single penny!

      Silvia you are a dear <3
    13. Silvia is probably one of the sweetest international buyers that I've had. She was very friendly in her PMs and paid me immediately for her share of the group order; she also kept in excellent contact throughout the group order period. Silvia makes shipping internationally a breeze, and I look forward to any future transactions with her. :)

      Thank you, Silvia!
    14. Sold a body to ClockWorkAngel. Paid right away and communicated very well. Would sell to again! :)
    15. Silvee painted a faceup for me. The faceup turned out gorgeous. I'm definitely going to commission Silvee in the future and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her if you find that her faceups are your style.
    16. I sold a CP Soony to ClockworkAngel, she paid quickly and communicated well. Thanks!
    17. ClockworkAngel bought a Mano head from me and she was lovely to deal with. She paid promptly and was very friendly throughout the transaction. Thanks! :)
    18. I bought the Pink Cyber outfit from her, it is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I love it sooooooooooooooooooooo much. :D Great work ClockworkAngel. I hope to deal with you more in the future. Great Seller and Artist.
    19. I sold a Kid Delf Woori to ClockworkAngel; everything went smoothly! Communication was great, payment was prompt. I'd definitely do transactions with her again. ^_^ Thank you!
    20. Silvee painted another head for me (probably one of many, many heads in the future) and she came out gorgeous. Well packed, quickly shipped, and great communication, I won't hesitate to commission Silvee again!
      Check out her gorgeous work on my lovely girl!