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Feedback for cloudy

Jan 28, 2011

    1. Hello,
      Please leave a little comment if we had a transaction :aheartbea
    2. Hello!!
      cloudy participated in my Soom Dolomi split and is now the owner of the romantic head. :) She paid very quickly and kept communication perfectly. Truly a joy to have cloudy participate in my split!! Thank you~!
    3. Cloudy bought a Soom tiny body from me. Payment came superfast and the whole transaction went smooth :-)
    4. I have exchange with Cloudy eyes 12 mm Green ! Great transaction and reliable !
    5. I recently traded some Soom parts and a soom Pel head with cloudy for one of her dolls, and it went painfree on my end, no complaints there. We quickly agreed on a date to ship our packages, no more than a few days after we agreed what to trade, and I was given updates all throughout the process, and a tracking number as soon as my part had been shipped.

      Unfortunately, the postal system here were lazy, and there was a misunderstanding with the french postal system too, so Pel took a long time to get to France, but Cloudy was very understanding and super patient, despite the fact that I had recieved my end of the trade pretty quickly.
      I got an adorable little necklace with my Aloa, and he's such a cutie.

      Cloudy was super nice and polite, would happily trade with her again if she wants to trade with me, that is :D
    6. Cloudy traded her Nor for my DiM body and some clothes to make up for the value difference. Everything went smoothly, she was very communicative, replied promptly even though she was quite busy with other matters, there were no problems (!) with the postal system - all in all, I am insanely happy with this trade <3 Thank you! :D
    7. i bought soom elf Sabik from cloudy!
      he came very well wrapped and in underwear too :) was well strung and wired~
      i'm so happy i bought him, hes a grail doll i always wanted!
      shes fast at shipping and good in communication! i'd happily recommend her