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FEEDBACK for Cluke

Apr 25, 2008

    1. Well it says in the rules that in order to post you must have a feedback thread as well .. so that is what I am doing .. is creating that thread. I most likely will be purchasing as well as selling so please feel free to leave feedback on those transactions!..
    2. Purchased a pair of MSD boots and an MSD wig from me. Paid on time and was very kind through communication. Great customer, pleasure to do business with. ^____^
    3. I bought this wig from Cluke:
      And everything went smoothly! Thanks!
    4. Cluke bought my Angel of Dream Gu ^___^ Very nice and on time with her payments. Would love to work with her again.
    5. [SIZE="-10"]Cluke was a participant in my Fairyland group order and the transaction went well. :) Payments were prompt and response to PMs was great. Everything went smoothly and I wouldn't mind doing business with her again at all. Enjoy your head!!

      :clover Thank you for being such a wonderful participant. :clover
    6. Just sold a B&G Afra head to Cluke! What a great buyer and lighting Fast Payment and great Email communications! :fangirl:

      Thanks would sell to or buy from in the future!
    7. Cluke bought a wig and eyes from me. Very smooth transaction. ^_^
    8. Cluke commissioned me for two face-ups, and everything went smoothly. Very friendly, kept communication throughout the whole process, and paid promptly. Would definitely work with again. Thank you, hun! :) :aheartbea
    9. I was part of Cluke's Dollmore group order and I was extremely pleased with how it was run. She was very professional and everything went very smoothly. I highly recommend being part of this member's future order.
    10. Cluke ran the Dollmore group order that I was a part of, and it went extremely well. She was attentive and aware of the order the whole way through the process, and the communication was top-notch. The items arrived safe and sound, and were well-packaged. I definitely recommend her as a wonderful group order leader!
    11. Just did a Dollmore Go with Cluke and it went very well. Package arrived safe and quickly. The communication was great and will be very willing to do another go with her again in the future. Thankyou!!! :)
    12. Joined a Dollmore GO with Cluke and everything went swell :heart: I would definitely do business with her again.
    13. was in a dollmore GO and Cluke did a good job organizing it.
    14. I was in a dollmore GO that was organized by Cluke! Good communication, updated regularly and was full of awesome! I can't thank her enough! Great to do business with! ♥
    15. Tah! cluke ran a Dollmore Go and handled all the hassles well with an even temper and sent things promptly!!!
    16. cluke ran the Dollmore GO I joined, and excellent at running it.

      Got my items pretty quickly, and excellent packaging, NOTHING was going to escape that box XD

      I would definitely join another group order by cluke.
    17. Joined up with Cluke as GO leader for a dollmore order, Wonderful GO leader, dealt with all the hassles and kept us very well informed. Shipped promptly and items were safe and sound and perfect. Thank you again! Would definitely join another GO with this user.
    18. I participated in cluke's Dollmore group order, and she did a splendid job! Cluke is very organized and kept us well updated on the status of the order. She sorted out the items in a timely manner and I got my boots quickly and well packed! :D I would definitely recommend participating in a GO run by cluke. :aheartbea
    19. I participated in cluke's Dollmore group order. Everything with smoothly, shipping was quick and communication was excellent! I would recommend dealing with cluke to anyone!
    20. I was also in the Dollmore GO with Cluke and she was marvelouos! She was so nice and understanding the whole time. Very prompt with updates and despite my nervousness (*had read through the bad transactions thread*), never let me feel weirded out at all.

      Highly reccomend for ANYTHING!! XD