Feedback for cocobeef

Jul 15, 2018

    1. Heya! Feel free to leave feedback for me on this here feedback thread! :D
    2. I bought a Fairyland Minifee Karsh from cocobeef. They responded quickly and shipped immediately. They were even very understanding about my own mistake in payment. He was very well packed with plenty of bubble wrap almost the same as a new doll arriving from the company. Wonderful to work with! :3nodding:
    3. :aheartbea:daisyPositive feedback:aheartbea:daisy

      cocobeef bought a wig from me and was wonderful to sell to and had great communication throughout the transaction.
      They let me know when the wig arrived and even took a amazing picture/gif of their beautiful doll wearing it. :aheartbea<3:D
      I highly recommend cocobeef as a buyer and I would be happy to work with them again:thumbup!

      Thank you so much cocobeef :hug:.