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feedback for Coinnle

Apr 4, 2010

    1. Please post all transactions with Coinnle here. If you need to see my Ebay feed back, it's under Fionapetunia.
      Thank You! :chocoheart
    2. Bought a Narin from Coinnle, simply the most wonderful seller you could ask for. Went out of her way to fix my shipping address error (I had entered the wrong address and realized almost too late).

      Phenomenal communication, extremely efficient packaging. I paid one day, she shipped the next, and it was here in two days! I would love to purchase more from her, simply phenomenal seller.

      Doll was in perfect condition (Besides yellowing which was stated in buying thread) and extremely clean and well taken care of.
    3. I sold a FL MNF Shiwoo head to coinnle. She paid me right away, and quickly responded to any emails I sent. I would definitely sell to her again!
    4. Coinnie bought a pair of YoSD sized shoes from me recently. She paid promptly and let me know if the items' arrival. Thank you!

    5. Coinnie bought a Juri head from me :> She was a pleasure to deal with and the transaction went smoothly !
      Will not hesitate to deal with again ^^
    6. I sold a MNF Miyu to Coinnie last month, and it was a perfect transaction...Would not hesitate to sell to her again :D Susan
    7. I bought a doll to Coinnle and it was a perfect transaction, she was friendly, helpfull and also very serious.
      she did a wonderful, safe packaging for the doll which arrived quickly and safely.
      I highly recommand her!! A perfect seller.
    8. Coinnle bought a wig from me, great transaction, highly recommended!!! thank you ^^
    9. Coinnle purchased some LTF clothing from me and it was a great experience. Very nice to work with and prompt with payment. I would not hesitate to work with her again! :) Thank you!
    10. Sold a set of MSD clothes to Coinnle. Upon request I held them for a few days and she paid exactly on time and was very communicative during the process. A pleasant and smooth transaction - definitely a recommended buyer. :)
    11. Coinnle bought 2 dresses from our last update. Quick with payment and so nice to deal with. We highly recommend her as a buyer. Thanks so much!
    12. Coinnle purchased a kimono from me ~ Quick payment and a very smooth and pleasant transaction - thanks! I would definitely recommend her as a buyer! :)
    13. A total pleasure to do business with! An awesome buyer.
    14. Purchased some MSD sized boots from me! Pleasure to deal with! Thanks!
    15. Positive! Coinnle bought a dolly dress from me and the transaction was perfectly easy and smooth! Wonderful communication and fast payment too. I would certainly work with Coinnle again in the future! Thank you!
    16. coinnle purchased a couple of tibetan lambskin wigs from me. SUPER buyer! Fast payment. Highly recommended. thanks!
    17. Coinnle purchased a Puki Madeline from me and it a great transaction. She paid fast and stayed in constant communication with me. Very good buyer, thanks so much! :)
    18. Coinnle purchased a Puki Sugar from me, and it was a wonderful transaction. She stayed in frequent contact, payed quickly, let me know when the doll arrived, and was patient with my responses. An excellent buyer! Thank you! :D
    19. Coinnle purchased a huge lot of MSD clothes from me and is an excellent buyer! She paid quickly and let me know when the items arrived! An A +++ transaction!
    20. Coinnle bought a wig from me, shes really great to transact with prompt payment and very nice :)