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Feedback for Colleen in Canada

Jan 13, 2010

    1. Since I didn't see a feedback thread, I thought I'd start one! :)

      I did a Dollheart Fukubukuro Trade with College in Canada. She was friendly, communicative, and shipped very quickly. Her item was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition! She even let me know when my package got to her. I would highly recommended Colleen and would not hesitate to business with her again~!

      Thanks so much for a great transaction! :D
    2. I did a Dollheart trade with Colleen. Everything went smoothly, she had great communication and shipped fast! I would recommend her without hesitation. Thanks!
    3. Colleen in Canada and I traded items from our Dollheart Fukubukuru bags, it was a brilliant trade, communication was great and my trade items arrived super fast. Highly recommend to everyone!!
    4. I did a Dollheart Fukubukuru trade with Colleen in Canada for a beautiful dress set. Everything went smoothly and the item arrived quickly in perfect condition. Thanks!
    5. Colleen purchased a Dollheart dress from me. She paid fast and was great to deal with, thanks!
    6. Just completed a trade with Colleen! We hit a bit of a bump on my end with the mail service, but she was patient, polite and understanding and it all worked out. The shirt she sent to me came quickly and in perfect condition and I would happily do business with her again.
    7. I sold a Dollheart Wine Melody Hair clip to Colleen in Canada and it was a really great transaction! She was very friendly and prompt in PMs, and she paid right away, as well as letting me know when the hair clip arrived.
      I'd be glad to do business with her again! :thumbup
    8. I bought some dollheart fukubukuro clothes from Colleen in Canada -- they arrived very quickly!! Thank you again! :D
    9. I purchased a hat from Colleen in Canada's fukubukoru packs. You can always tell the best people from how they deal with a hiccup and Colleen is a star, she refunded my money while we waited for the hat to take an extended vacation around the world courtesy of the postal system. I'm happy to say its now home and i'm delighted to be able to complete my outfit :aheartbea I highly recommend to everyone and would love to meet in the future for further transactions :fangirl:
    10. Colleen participated in my Dollmore GO. :) She was absolutely fantastic; well-organized, patient, and very prompt with payment and communication. I would love to do business with her again :D!

      Thanks a bunch!
    11. I participated in a trade with Colleen In Canada for items from the Dollheart fukubukuro. Every step of the way she was pleasant and a joy to trade with. I would most certainly trade with her again. Thanks!
    12. I bought a DollHeart Bloody Alice blue dress complete set from a split managed by Colleen, and the transaction was absolutely fantastic, she was really polite, comunicative and fast with shipping. I totally recommend her as split partner.
      Thank you so much for everything!
    13. Colleen in Canada bought a blouse from me. She is friendly and nice to work with. Thank you so much for a wonderful transaction. I would love to do business with her again ^^
    14. Colleen in Canada participated in my Tata's Paradise Group Order. Communication was excellent and she was very prompt with payment. I'd love to work with her again, thanks so much for joining my GO :D
    15. Coleen in Canada bought some DH items from me and it was a wonderful transaction. This is a lovely person and buyer, fast payment, great PM communication and even politely inform me when the item arrived. I highly reccomennd this DOA member.
      Thank you so much. ^^
    16. I participated in yet another a trade with Colleen in Canada and again it was a great transaction! Thanks!
    17. Colleen participated in my Dollmore GO. She was a pleasure to work with, paid quickly for her items, and let me know when they did arrive :) I would highly recommend and love to work with again! Thank you so much
    18. Colleen took part in the Audrey Hepburn Minimee Go.
      Communication was great, payments fast, a delight all around.
      Highly recommended!!
    19. Colleen in Canada participated in my 2079Realms wholesale shoe GO. As this order includes a high quantity of items, she was patient while I sorted, packed, and shipped things. Communication was good and payment was timely. Thanks for joining the order! :)