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Feedback for ComicBookArtistBoi

Feb 25, 2006

    1. I'll make this one quick, promise. ^_^;;

      I recently did a transaction with ComicBookArtistBoi, who just as of this past month(?), has decided to offer his services to purchase furniture item(s) at ROSS stores for those who do not have one near them. :3

      I have to say, the transaction was smooth. He was wonderful, very informative, kind, and always kept in touch with me about everything.

      I received the package today of my chair and cabinet. My cabinet had GLASS as a door, and it came PERFECT. No cracks, scratches, nothing. It's stunning. The packing was wonderful, the service even better. It's been an all around GREAT experience.

      He even left the tags on the items, as he only charges the actual value of the item(s)! So there is real honesty here! I can't say enough good things about this. :3

      Thank you very much !! My girls love the new furniture!! ^_^
    2. awwww...:) ::: HUGs Kittie ::: :D
    3. I've done a total of 3 transactions with comicbookartistboi. Each time has been just perfect, I couldn't ask for more. Definitley one of my favorite customers.

      For those considering selling to him by layaway: my first transaction with him was the sale of a doll to him on a layaway plan. It was paid off well before the deadline, you can trust in him.

    4. I've sold a doll to him. ^^ He's paid almost instantly and let me know when she arrived. ^^ Great communication.
    5. I just had an awesome experience as a buyer with him. I couldn't have asked for a better experience spending money! I got one of his top hats and it's lovely. The detail is stunning, and he went out of his way to make sure it was just what I wanted. I'm a customer for life!
    6. Lucifer's purple cowl shirt just arrived, and it is awesome! Glad you thought of adding snaps up the back, that will make it so much easier to get on and off. ^_^

      It was a pleasure doing business with you, comicbookartistboi, I would recommend you to anyone! :)

      I'll be watching for more of your wonderful creations!
    7. The head I bought from him arrived safe and sound--he did an AMAZING job packing it to make sure it would arrive safely! He was also did a great job letting me know when things went into the mail, so I knew when to expect them. I'd gladly buy from him again!

    8. Purchased a Cowel from this seller for my Hound. Arrived fast and fit very well despite him not having a Hound to size on.


      Well made and look fantastic :D

      [Feel free to use this image for your thread hun!]
    9. Commissioned a pair of his fingerless gloves in black velvet from him! He was constantly in communication and the gloves themselves are extremely durable (considering my boy has weirdly twisted fingers) and sexy. Thank you so much.

    10. Layla was in pieces when I brought her to AFO with me. Comicbookartistboi took a look at her at the meetup on Saturday and offered to try and repair her for me. We worked out a deal, and he took her with him after the meetup. He went above and beyond our agreement and repaired her that very night *and* included a very adorable little outfit for my girl. Needless to say, he is a wonderful person to work with. She loves her new look, and I love having her back together. I look foward to doing business with him again in the future. :D
    11. Wonderful seller! I bought a pair of black fingerless gloves from him, and they look great. He also sent me a choker as a gift for waiting (originally I wanted the gloves in Lycra, and it turns out the the black Lycra stained dolly hands, so he told me that and remade them in black velvet). He really kept in communication. Highly recommended!
      ^Choker+gloves :)
    12. Despite recent events...he has helped me out and sewin outfits for me that are amazing durable!!He made me a leather skirt and cosette and gave me earings as a bonus!!WONDERFUL PERSON!!!Highly recommened!!
    13. I have bought several wonderfully crafted handmade items from Comicbookartistboi. =D HIGHLY reccomended! He's helping me learn how to sew for my dolls too!
    14. Rude & pushy in every sense of the word, will keep "reminding" you how he will ruin your name if you back out of a deal. Yes, I was stupid to send him money, but I'd told him many times I couldn't afford Soo Ri, I felt if I blocked him after saying no he would try to ruin my rep as he went on about bad feedback constantly.

      Lied about our transaction saying I begged him to lower customs, I merely asked him if he could do it, and if not, that was fine, I hardly call that begging, more like asking, I even told him that it's illegal and I shouldn't even be asking, if I was begging I'd be practically NOT telling him it was illegal and telling him to do it, rather than asking polietly.

      Said I was too lazy to go to the customs depot, which is insulting, however, I explained to him there were reasons I couldn't get to the depot, one of them being transportation, the second I didn't feel like I should have to divulge but I said to him "as well as other reasons".

      Over exaggerrated my whole conversation about my boyfriend we had, in which I said my boyfriend would prefer me to spend money on us, rather than dolls, and that we had a very small arguement (though I wouldn't even call it THAT) about it which last about 1 minute than we started talking about other things.

      CBAB has told everyone that my boyfriend is "furious" with me buying dolls and has almost made it like I've got into a big fight with my boyfriend over our sale and that's why I've "manipulated" the transaction. This is not the case. My boyfriend actually laughed when he read what CBAB said and told me "You can spend your money on whatever you want, I just wish you'd save it for more important things"

      Now, he claims the outfit was a "free gift" if I made payments in time, and him changing that and selling it elsewhere (thus making a profit out of the "free gift" I was promised) was not changing the deal, however, offering someone a free gift if they make payments on time IS part of the deal, especially if they make payments early. If he had told the person he was going to sell it to, that it was part of a free gift if I make payments on time, and if I missed my last payment, he could sell it to her, that's fine, as I voided the free gift, but I never. He offered to suede the doll in exchange (though sueding != an outfit) and I agreed, but only after he mentioned his friend telling him to tell me AFTER I sent the $400 (which he did) and that he could keep all my money if I wanted my money back.

      Many of you would say "if I wanted the outfit that badly and he sold it I'd have asked for my money back, even if he said that about his friend" but you are not me, and when you hear someone saying everytime we speak how he will leave bad feedback and how he will be "upset and angry" if I don't make payments on time (yet he can sell my free outfit and I have to be fine) and then mentions his friend telling him to keep my money and the doll, this made me feel uncomfortable, I felt I couldn't say that sueding wasn't fair and that I want my money back, because I knew if I did, he'd be furious and refuse and I'd lose my rep, my money, and the doll.

      I didn't want any further contact with this user after the conversation where he tried forcing me to buy an outfit for Soo Ri, and when I refused, he stated "well you got your money back from that doll, so you CAN afford it". My other transactions have NOTHING whatsoever to do with him, and what money I receive and how I spend it has also got nothing to do with him. This is why I didn't contact him about our sale, as I felt it would be pointless.

      I wasn't going to post in his feedback thread (which would actually make more of a dint on his sales if I did) but he did it to me out of spite for posting about our transaction and I think people should be allowed to hear my side of the story should they ever want to purchase from him.

      Also, the doll has been listed on eBay and I haven't received a refund, we shall see what happens.

      The bad feedback I posted about him is here:


      ETA: CBAB told me he NEVER tried selling me his Tender Bee-A, this is untrue.

      He tried to get me to trade my Sooah for her, I refused, and he continued to push, this time I didn't give in and he wasn't happy.

      I added this here because CBAB said he would rather me post it here instead of "hiding" it elsewhere. Just to clarify. Also, I mentioned the sale of his eBay auction only to those who feel it is wrong to sell an item when a claim is still going. As long as I get my money back I'll be happy, even though CBAB will swear blind that I won't be, I can promise I will.

      UPDATE: I received my $400 refund and I'm happy about that.

      Paypal decided in my favour for the $20 he charged me for Paypal fees (which, after refunding my $400, was refunded to him anyway) after CBAB said Paypal had told him he didn't have to refund it to me, however, Paypal has told me otherwise, so which one of them is telling the truth?

      CBAB made sure there wasn't enough funds to cover this charge back and I only received $1.01 which was left in his account, he has openly admitted that he is frauding me and Paypal to refuse a refund I am owed and is using another account to avoid paying.

      It's only $18.99, and I'm not going to go ape over it, and I'm going to leave this feedback as it stands, but it's the principle of the fact. Would you want to do business with someone who could potentially clear his Paypal account and refuse you a refund because he decides so? I felt this update to my feedback was a very important one and needs to be addressed.

      If he sells to you and you pay to a Paypal account other than EvilErniePsycho@yahoo.com , it is because he is using another Paypal account to avoid the refund I am owed.

      I'm not saying do not buy from him, this is the buyers perrogative, but I felt this whole issue needs to be mentioned so people know what they could potentially be dealing with if they have a problem with a transaction.

      Yes, CBAB did appeal for his "claim" to try and get his account back without refunding me, however, Paypal has rejected his appeal, on the grounds that he owes the refund, since he charged me Paypal fees which is against the ToC and Paypal will not let him keep this money since it was charged against THEIR terms and could be grounds for suspension of his account and any further accounts he uses.

      Paypal would not just "lose" his response, they are a company, not a band of fools, he is continuing to lie to save face, unfortunately for him, it's not working, his appeal was rejected:


      Also from this you can see that they have tried contacting him many ways without any response.

      If a seller did say payments are non-refundable (which he did not, just the $50 was non-refundable) Paypal will still refund you, minus any "deposits" you admit too, I told Paypal the $50 was a deposit, so they didn't refund me it, and that's fair enough, I've never lied about payments, they consider deposits as intangible and non-refundable and that's fair enough, but the rest of my payments were never classed as deposits or non-refundable.

      He never responded to the $400 claim, the only reason it closed was because the refund was issued, he never even spoke to Paypal as I phoned them myself and the lady told me they were trying to get some information from him but he hadn't responded. She also told me that Paypal was deciding what was being refunded, and anything he says is a lie to try and make me give in to his demands, once a claim is issued Paypal decides the refund, and a refund will be IN FULL, they NEVER issue PARTIAL refunds, EVER.

      Here is proof that I have only ever opened a dispute on my account last year, for a carebear, and that's because it was over a month and I hadn't received it, I've never opened any claims or filed for refunds for ANY transactions other than these:




      Him claiming I have harassed over members I've bought from in order to get a refund is false and he has no proof of this, if any seller was disappointed with me, how come they have not spoke out about my bad behaviour on my feedback thread or anywhere else if I have done this before? Wouldn't they have mentioned it when I brought this situation up and said "Rinoa, you have done this before, stop scamming people!", no, they didn't, because I have never harassed anyone or requested or forced a refund out of anyone.

      I do have some nasty PMs that CBAB sent me, admitting to frauding Paypal and telling me to go play in traffic, I've never personally insulted CBAB but he has constantly belittled me and tried to make me feel like the one who was scamming and to try and upset me and get me to leave DoA.

      Also, if Paypal have noticed my "bad behaviour" in getting money back, then why would they have decided in my favour if I showed a pattern of "fraud" and "horrible behaviour"? Why did CBAB not contact them if he was in the right?

      It has been noted that he/a friend may have created fake account in order to fake PMs from "past sellers" in order to make himself look better than me, I've never had any problems with any sellers or buyers, I'm always poliet in PMs.


      If I was in the wrong, why is he trying to hide this negative feedback? I'm not hiding the one he gave to me, as it was retailitory and not deserved, but his is.

      I deleted the LJ post because I no longer need to keep it up, I know who was right and who was wrong and that's all that matters.

    15. I'm really FINISHED arguing with you about this matter. I've already told you like GAGILLION times that ur being REFUNDED...yet this doesn't seem to MATTER to you......if you have anything further to say, i suggest you PM me in MSN, or whatever. I will say that everything you have said in your "feedback" of me is False. I've been selling on here for a WHILE, and you are absolutely the ONLY person who has ANY complaints about anything. ONLY you....and YES, the doll is on ebay now....what do YOU care? YOU DON'T WANT IT!!! REmember???
      What am i supposed to do? Sit here with a doll that YOU don't want, and KEEP it, and leave it at that?

      I'm trying to come up with the money for a refund on a sale that YOU backed out of after being told that it was NON-REFUNDABLE.....

      If you want your money, just sit back and let me do what i need to to get it for you....Unless of course you've changed your mind?

      I find it Ironic that you complain about me, but i find, thru my research, that YOU have done this EXACT thing to others.

      I have had absolutely NO complaints about my things i have sold, EXCEPT for you.......the ONLY two people who could "back you" on anything had NO transactions with me, so know absolutely NOTHING about my ability to uphold my end of the bargain...all they could say was i was "pushy".
      Anyone wanting to buy from me, please see my feedback here, and under the name "Comicbookartistboi" on Ebay, and you will find i have had NO complaints on ebay, and the ONLY complaint i have had HERE was from Rinoa, and she's been refunded. Thank you.

      In reguards to the free outfit i told her i'd give her.....FIRST of all, it was not part of the sale....HOWEVER, i did feel badly because i accidentally sold it....(it was in a set of outfits that i sold and did not know it was among them.) I IMMEDIATELY told her about what had happened, and her EXACT response was "Oh, its ok sweetie, i thought you were going to tell me you broke Soo Ri or something!!! No, Sueding him is even BETTER in fact, because i have always wanted to suede my dolls!". I had even told her that i would understand at that moment if she changed her mind about buying the doll. (This is why she thought i was going to tell her I broke the doll) She was more than happy with the fact of sueding.... so stating "Um, Outfit $ = Sueding???, is kinda stupid...the outfit was FREE....the SUEDING was free....so i don't really see a cost comparison. Now if i had said "The outfit is 85.00 extra..." and then turned around and swapped it for a sueding??? THen there would be a problem. She wasn't paying for the outfit.

      let's also keep in mind, that had Rinoa actually APPROACHED me like an adult, and told me the situation, I would have listened to her, and considered giving her money back on the transaction.....Instead, she acted like a child, went behind my back and posted here LONG before ever even letting me KNOW there was an issue. She also went to Paypal, to file a claim on me, before ever letting me know, which is STRICTLY against Paypal's Terms of Service. I had to find out from a second party. It's nice to see that someone "Knows" me so well as to know what my answer would have been....especially considering she lives in the UK, and i live in the U.S.

      By the time i found out that there was even a problem with the sale, she had already posted a thread, and had made me look like the bad guy. It's a well known fact that on a board system, such as DOA, the FIRST person who complains is usually going to get all the support. If i had been the first person to post a thread about "Beware of selling to Rinoa" and started saying how she manipulated me into buying my doll, and then canceled, everyone would have been like "Oh, man, that sux, i hope it works out for you." Instead, the good people of DOA have been manipulated by the linked thread above, in her feedback, and everyone fell for her lies, hook line and sinker.

      i still haven't been convinced of how you FORCE someone to buy your doll.....and no one has convinced me yet in PM of how that is even REMOTELY possible.....YOU'd have to be THE weakest person in the world to have someone try to sell you their doll, and then you DO it because your afraid for some stupid reason.

      Rinoa stated that i told her i'd "ruin" her name on DOA.....this is EXTREMELY untrue. I already had a buyer for the doll, and THIS is why she gave me 50.00....to PROVE to me that she was even WORTH stopping the other SALE for!!!! Now why would i make her prove this, if i was trying to FORCE her to buy? Wouldn't I have just said "Fine, your first payment is blah blah blah, due by blah blah blah?

      This entire ordeal has left me with negative feelings about selling dolls anywhere except Ebay. NEVER again will i do this, NOR will i be kind enough to accept payments from someone who "So dearly" wants a doll as it was put. It was ironic that i found a post on another site that was posted a full week before postings about me were placed, in which she talked about "how she dearly wanted the doll", and that this was why she started making payments on him. Then to find that she was wanting to sell this doll even before he arrived, to pay for yet ANOTHER doll. This tells me she got in over her head, and wanted her money back on mine. I did not have quams about selling the doll on ebay. Had she finished PAYING for it, i would tend to agree....it would have been her doll. Wait till the claim is over. But sorry, honey, you changed your mind halfway in.....YOU never finished paying...so, YOU lost any right to make any decisions on what happened to it. In the end, be the adult, and come to the individual and at least give them the CHANCE to screw up before you ASSUME that they will not understand.

      I will say i've heard about this member's need to PM people constantly, belittling them, and trash-talking them, even LONG after you got your beloved Refund.....Finally, i see what they mean. I too have had to deal with Nasty PMs, and constant Harrassment, even after i TOLD you, that you would be refunded for your payment. Anyone having ANY potential doubts about this member, please Email me for more info. I have Saved PMs, and i'd be happy to show them to you.

      UPDATE Just letting everyone know, that this issue has been RESOLVED....Rinoa recieved her payment back, just a little over a week from date of her complaint. REGUARDLESS of me having told her it was NON-REFUNDABLE....I expect to hear NOTHING MORE from this buyer, but i will advise ANYONE who has dolls for sale to NOT sell to her, as there have been others, who have had problems with her doing these things to them as well... Paypal has at LEAST three times that she has demanded her money back from Sellers.

      UPDATE 2 the only reason that "paypal" found in her favor was they had lost my response to the claim. The situation is now reopened under appeal, Due to Rinoa LYING to them, about the original terms of the deal. She in no way mentioned to them that the deal was "non-refundable" from the start, and avoided mentioning to them that the Outfit mistake had been adjusted and she had been offered something else. She also lied to them and told them that i told her AFTER the payment had been made, which is a lie, even by her OWN postings. She admitted that i told her this BEFORE hand.

      i RESPONDED to the claim that Rinoa had, for 400.00, and i Granted it, without paypal having to FORCE me to. Why is this girl still ARGUING about this????
      for more info about this transaction, click here....
    16. Enough is enough. If you haven't had a transaction with Comicbookartistboi, DO NOT POST TO THIS THREAD. I'm locking this thread temporarily.

      Edit: this thread is being reopened.
    17. Just to let everybody know, I recently bought a great dollfie from comicbookboi. I would not hesitate to buy from him again.

      There was good communication from start to finish. I had several questions, and got prompt, courteous, informative replies. Package arrived practically overnight, considering the long holiday weekend. It was carefully and creatively superpadded to prevent damage.

      I am thrilled because this is the dollfie I have wanted for a long time. :aheartbea He was practically kicking and struggling to get out of the shipping box after 2700 miles.

      Thanks for the extra gift, comicbookboi!
      And thanks for a very pleasant transaction.
    18. Rinoa and comicbookartistboi, for your transaction... if it's still in the works, please continue your discussion privately. If it has been concluded, move on or post about it off the forum. Nasty remarks from either of you are not going to be tolerated on-forum - sorry, it's inappropriate and it makes everyone else uncomfortable.

      To others, in general, if you were not involved in a transaction, you should not be posting to feedback threads.
    19. Great buyer! Very patience and I would definitely sell to again!