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Feedback for corchen

Mar 4, 2008

    1. Please post any feedback you have for me here!

      I'm also known on Ebay as corchen-uk.
    2. corchen purchased some clothes & shoes from me. Her PMs were friendly, payment came instantly and she let me know that they arrived safely. It was a great transaction.
      Thanks a bunch!
    3. I sold Corchen a Kid dollmore Pado. She paid very quickly and was very easy to communicate with. Thank you and I hope he'll be happy with you :)
    4. Corchen purchased Soom eyes from me, the transaction was very fast and smooth!
    5. I have been involved with a group order run by Corchen and have found her great to deal with.:)
      My items arrived well packaged today and I am over the moon with them!;)
      Thanks so much!:thumbup
    6. I participated in a group order organised by Corchen and she was very helpful dispite me being a complete noob lol My wig arrived very fast and was well packaged :) Thank you :)
    7. I was in a group order run by corchen and on the whole things went smoothly, her comms were good and helpful overall.

      But I have to be honest ~ once items had arrived in the UK, there was a bit of a blip in communication that left me disappointed. Just a case of badly timed order arrival/holiday clash I'm sure, but I think it could have been handled better.

      When items arrived, me and corchen exchanged PMs, because I needed a refund (unlike most people who were still paying the balance of their items) and everything seemed fine, but then she went on holiday still owing me a refund and my items, without saying the date she'd be back, or when I'd get my stuff sorted. :| So I was left hanging while other people in the GO were getting their stuff...

      When I saw in the thread she had returned from holiday, I had to send her a PM to get info on my personal items and refund. I did get my refund quickly after that, and items were shipped speedily and arrived safely.

      I'm just sorry that it wasn't done a bit sooner, or at least had a few more PMs from corchen with an update, otherwise I'd have nothing but praise for the way this GO was run.
    8. Bought David Tennant Minimee head with no real problems. Just a little slow in communications but it was due to her exams at school and we worked it out. Thanks Clare! He has a great home!
    9. I purchased a singing Piki faceplate. It arrived safely and whole, and communication went well :) Overall I'm very pleased with the transaction. Thanks!